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  1. WTB Buttstock for Chatellerault

    Great Derrick Thanks for the info, Bob
  2. Need Butt stock or parts of the buttstock Thanks
  3. I'll buy one of your M-60 bolt tools. If any are available. Just let me know how to pay for it Thanks Bob Ward
  4. WTB Maxim 08 feed block

    Thanks. I kind of figured it would be "pricey".
  5. WTB Maxim 08 feed block

    Looking for a Maxim 08 feed block. Any out there?
  6. Thanks for the info Mike. I'm still undecided as to what to do with it. Bob
  7. nmcollector Thanks for the reply. Worth more than I figured. Have a Merry Christmas Bob
  8. Need help. I have a Boys rifle that was converted to 50 cal. and never fired- never even fired in the original .55 cal. configuration. Question is: is it safe to simply seat the 50 BMG round to mag length and fire the rifle? Also what load is typically used and safe for this rifle? Looking to sell, and asking what the value might be. Thanks in advance, Bob