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  1. There must be a few out there. I have an EXTENSIVE post sample collection and have been contemplating going out of business. So I will have dozens of no letter guns available, M16s, AK's, HK 21e, Negev 7, Stetchkin, PKM, PKT's, RPD, KGK, many, many other rare birds in exc condition, mostly original guns (not kits or rewelds) available to C2's. Before I did I was wanting to get this last keeper. Obviously I wasn't willing to trade it all for the AUG, but if you have one you are willing to sell or are an active C2 looking for some no letter guns like these, maybe we can talk.
  2. WTB Demilled M249 Receivers

    Looking for 2. Let me know what you have.
  3. Anyone with experience in this build interested or come to mind...that wants the work and knows how to return an email?