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  1. WTS: MM23e w/acc $11,400 Shipped

    All PM's answered still for sale.
  2. WTS: MM23e w/acc $11,400 Shipped

    BTT with lower price.
  3. Could I get pics of Galil?
  4. For sale HK MR556 compete upper with buffer tube and buffer. $1350.00 Shipped CONUS Like new.
  5. MR556 Upper like new comes with spring and buffer, all 100% HK German. I can replace quad rail with hkey mod if you prefer. Shipped and insured $1425.00 CONUS.
  6. WTS MM23e, has 400 rounds through it semi (100) and auto (300), runs 100%. Not shown nut sack holder, 100 rnd nut sack, HK forward grip, ambi 4 pos HK lower housing. $11,400 shipped.
  7. WTS: HK MR556 $2575.00 shipped

    I will separate lower and upper. 1400.00 for complete lower minus buffer and spring. $1300.00 no stock buffer and spring. + shipping 1400.00 for upper with buffer and spring. + shipping
  8. WTS: HK MR556 comes with one HK mag. 2575.00 shipped 2500.00 FTF.
  9. BTT
  10. btt
  11. BTT
  12. Reduced.