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  1. B&T MP5K forearm $210.00 shipped firm MR762 13" Quad rail and 20 round mag $250.00 shipped firm MR556 HKey mod rail 125.00 shipped.
  2. WTS: HK 53 (93 SBR)

    Looks like it is sold pending funds, I will let you know if anything changes.
  3. 150 shipped.
  4. WTS: HK SP89

    HK SP89 SBR re-stamped HK MP5K, auto carrier, mag flap, certificate of authenticity by Terry Dyer. Comes with HK 30 round mag, B&T stock, HK butt cap. $5200.00 Plus tax stamp/s and shipping fees. On form 4 in Arizona can do paperwork directly if in Arizona go through dealer out of state all NFA rules apply. Sold pending funds.
  5. For sale. MR762 or 556 convex buttpad $40 SOLD MR556 HK tube and Buttstock (Commercial) $150 SOLD G36 Rail carrying handle 1.5x no specs $275 SOLD G3 A3 stock used, lets call it a battle field pickup look. $165 SOLD
  6. WTS: HK 53 (93 SBR)

    All German HK 93 to 53 SBR conversion by Terry Dyer, certificate of authenticity included. Semi auto, all NFA rules apply. $5500.00 plus shipping and transfer taxes. Can do paperwork directly with Arizona residence out of state has to go through dealer. Sold pending funds.
  7. WTS : HK SP5K 9mm

    NIB HK SP5K 9mm never fired just been sitting in safe. $2650.00 + shipping
  8. WTS : HK MR762

    Bought it new couple years ago has maybe 150 rounds through it bought it new couple years ago. Comes with carrying case, 1 - 10 rnd 2- 20 round HK mags, HK rail panels, HK manual, lock. $3200.00
  9. WTS:Armalite AR-180

    email sent.
  10. WTS:Armalite AR-180

    Interested, I tried sending message but not going through would like to talk to you about this.
  11. WTS: MM23e

    Still avalable
  12. Lowered price.
  13. WTS: withdrawn,

    Spikes lower, ALG trigger, Magpull grip, Andro Corp Upper, Leopold Mark 3 scope. withdrawn.
  14. Collapsible stock (like new) 150.00
  15. WTS: MM23e

    Will text you today or I can call you if you like.