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  1. Yea he did shrikes, they use modified m16 carriers also mine wasn't the first one, it was done when he was still working 3 years ago.
  2. Hot swapable barrel, nut sack adapter, belt or mag feed 556, DD sites, Troy stock, 2- 100 rnd nut sacks, hard case. Has maybe 500 rounds through it runs great. $4500.00 shipped. Has maybe 500 rounds through it runs great. Upper only is listed in parts section and has slight modification to work with Lightning Link.
  3. Ares Shrike upper belt feed upper modified to work with an SWD AR15 Lightning Link by m60joe three years ago. $4200.00 shipped in hard case comes with nut sac adapter, buffer spring, manual 3 - 200 rnd ammo boxes. Fits on ar15 lower works on semi lower auto lower or a lower setup with lightning link (auto) quick detach barrel.
  4. Comes with KNS protector and multiple back plates of different thiknesess, maybe 1500 rounds on it by me it had never been used when I bought it. Comes with Rock River lower setup by M60Joe that is select fire, safe semi full. 14.5K, shipping and transfer costs on buyer.
  5. HK reduction time 91,93, SR9

    message sent
  6. B&T MP5K forearm $210.00 shipped firm MR762 13" Quad rail and 20 round mag $250.00 shipped firm MR556 HKey mod rail 125.00 shipped.
  7. WTS: HK 53 (93 SBR)

    Looks like it is sold pending funds, I will let you know if anything changes.
  8. 150 shipped.
  9. WTS: HK SP89

    HK SP89 SBR re-stamped HK MP5K, auto carrier, mag flap, certificate of authenticity by Terry Dyer. Comes with HK 30 round mag, B&T stock, HK butt cap. $5200.00 Plus tax stamp/s and shipping fees. On form 4 in Arizona can do paperwork directly if in Arizona go through dealer out of state all NFA rules apply. Sold pending funds.
  10. For sale. MR762 or 556 convex buttpad $40 SOLD MR556 HK tube and Buttstock (Commercial) $150 SOLD G36 Rail carrying handle 1.5x no specs $275 SOLD G3 A3 stock used, lets call it a battle field pickup look. $165 SOLD
  11. WTS: HK 53 (93 SBR)

    All German HK 93 to 53 SBR conversion by Terry Dyer, certificate of authenticity included. Semi auto, all NFA rules apply. $5500.00 plus shipping and transfer taxes. Can do paperwork directly with Arizona residence out of state has to go through dealer. Sold pending funds.
  12. WTS : HK SP5K 9mm

    NIB HK SP5K 9mm never fired just been sitting in safe. $2650.00 + shipping