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  1. What Did Santa Bring You?

    Nice father n law, wow. I was given my RR as you discribed from an Uncle , seems he won it in a poker game during ww2 at Ft Sam Houston. Merry Christmas Gunbugs and don't freeze .
  2. Just read this thread and it gives pause. I just went through having my credit card being hacked so I feel some of your pain. It would be great to catch one of these scumbags and put a little payback on them. Hold center and Happy New Year.
  3. What Did Santa Bring You?

    I like it, it is the carry model with sig night sights. Amazing trigger and the modular design is ingenious. The Texas and Oklahoma hwy patrols are going to the 9mm p320 , I assume they will be using the full size with 21 round mags.
  4. What Did Santa Bring You?

    Santa checked his list and although I was on the grumpy old man list he still delivered a gift. SIG P320 9mm handgun. Thanks Santa, I promise not to be such an old codger next year.
  5. Colt SP-1 $365 from Buddy Hinton

    She ain't for sale. Thanks for asking.
  6. That is the best note ever written, hands down. So insensitive and politically incorrect.
  7. Colt SP-1 $365 from Buddy Hinton

    Yeap, that's me ! The Colt came with 2 20 round mags, I only used one of them all these years, blue worn down to brass look, still works. The other magazine only lost it's virtue last week. I figured it was time. Dang Buddy, that is some good record keeping.
  8. Colt SP-1 $365 from Buddy Hinton

    You sold it from your house, I found your business card at the kolache shop on Long Point.
  9. I was going though some old gun receipts and came across one for my Colt SP-1 shorty. Dated October 1979 . Hand written receipt for $365.00 ,and rubber stamped Buddy Hinton , Houston,TX. After all these years I still have the Colt shorty, it has shot God only knows how many rounds, never failed to function. Deer, coyotes , bobcats, and one feral hog that charged me. The Colt is all original. So after 37 years it is still rockin and rollin .