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  1. FS: 50cal ball projos

    I have 200pcs 50cal ball projos(pulls) 100pcs in a USPS priority box $37.50 text 727-365-063three
  2. I have approximately 100 Pro-Mag polymer AK mags $6 per mag + shipping 4 will fit in a USPS Priority envelope for $7.90 10 will fit in a USPS Priority medium box for $14.70 text 727-365-063three
  3. Complete set of dies Resizer/seater plus all the forming dies and trim die. The forming dies are for converting 50BMG brass. They are CH4D. Retail on these dies is close to $1500 I am asking $700. text 727-365-063three
  4. I have available 1 CZ26 subgun kit, includes the original barrel 1 mag included with kit $175 2 bolt carrier groups 1 fore grip 1 buttstock 1 trigger group $100 text 727-365-063three
  5. 47 pieces of once fried 50 spotter brass(M48A1) $55 shipped text 727-365-063three
  6. AnzioIronworks single shot 50cal minus the barrel $1200 text 727-365-063three
  7. Something a little different for sale: 14.5mm rifle built by AnzioIronworks. 40" barrel by Pac-Nor 40MOA scope rail 4 lug bolt head Weight 61LBS Overall length 71" This is intended to be a package deal as it will include Ammo(35rds), Brass(110pcs), projectiles by lehigh design(160+/-), bushings to convert brass to 50BMG primers, CH4D dies(FL sizer, Neck sizer, seater ). As you will notice in the pictures it has a left hand bolt, this was done so as to facilitate reloading, because it is a rather large weapon. Please contact me at or text 727-365-063three with your questions or for additional pics. $9500
  8. I have 250 50BMG API projectiles remaining. They are pulldowns $25 per 100 shipped text 727-365-063three
  9. FS: Lapua 50bmg projectiles

    80 - 800gr moly coated $140 shipped 30 - 750gr $45shipped $175 shipped for all text 727-365-063three
  10. FS: 50BMG ammo 93rds $250

    These are not re-manufactured, they are factory ammo. 73 API SB78 headstamp 20APIT SB78 headstamp 93 total rds Total $250 shipped text 727-365-063three
  11. FS: 20MM Ammo and components

    4 AP rounds Brass Training projo's $80 shipped text 727-365-063three
  12. FS: CCI#35 primers(50BMG)

    For sale are 5-500pc boxes of 50BMG primers. $165 per box, shipping & hazmat fees extra. I am located in West Central Florida(Tampa bay area) if you are close to me we can arrange a meet up. text 727-365-063three
  13. FS: .50BMG AP projectiles All sold

    $40 per box of 100pcs