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  1. For sale is a Mini G by Shuff's Parkerizing(shortened M1 Garand) Features include Springfield Armory receiver, Fajen stock(built-in cheeckrest), Schuster adjustable gas plug and scout optic rail. I will include 20 en-bloc clips with the rifle. $1050 shipped SPF / text 727-365-063three
  2. Steyr AUG/A3 SA Approx 800 rds fired through this rifle, has been 100% reliable regardless of ammo brand. Included in sale are 2 mags(1-30rd & 1-42rd) original cleaning kit, Wilderness Tactical sling, Steyr soft case for rifle. $1600 shipped Does not include Aimpoint PRO(available for $350) Extra mags available for $20 each(4-42rd & 4-30rd) Text 727-365-0633 or
  3. Post disappeared

    Understood, thanks for the reply.
  4. David, I posted in the semi-auto forum today and the post disappeared. Please advise as to what I did wrong or if I exceeded a limit. I read the rules and am still confused as to why it was taken down. Your help would be appreciated. Nick
  5. For sale is a very nice example of the Ljungmann AG42B 6.5X55 Overall condition is excellent, bright shiny bore, wood is really nice, metal looks great, bluing all there. $875 + shipping/insurance text 727-365-063three
  6. Gordon Technologies build, type III AK. Build is on an Arsenal milled SLR-100H receiver, chrome lined barrel, matching #'s on bolt, bolt carrier,and recoil spring assy. Russian wood. All metal parkerized Nice authentic looking rifle Will ship with 3 steel mags $950 text 727-365-063three
  7. 1 full case of Lake City .30M2(1967)(768rds) In en bloc clips and bandoleers This stuff is in perfect condition, still in cans and wooden crate. $625+shipping text 727-365-063three
  8. 50AP projectiles I have about 600 left, I want them gone, make offer. 100 shipped in a small USPS priority box $75 ONO text 727-365-063three
  9. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    Dennis, sorry but all ammo sold.
  10. Raufoss Mk211rounds, 25rds left, 5sold pending funds. I am willing to sell in smaller quantities, but will discount if you take them all. $50 per round e-mail or text me for quantity discount text 727-365-063three
  11. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    Thanks David, I do live near a FedEx facility.
  12. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    Unsure of country of origin, was told Bulgaria, this stuff is dated 53 & 54 so it's com bloc. It's in beautiful condition and fires 100% 2 cases to Jax $45 shipping
  13. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    price lowered
  14. FS: Saiga 12

    Saiga 12 shotgun, has all the options. text 727-365-063three Bolt hold open Adjustable gas system Quad rail Folding stock Includes: 1 5rd, 2 10rd and 2 12rd mags $825
  15. 1 excellent condition PSP mag $70 shipped or text 727-365-0633