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  1. I am selling a MAC 10 submachine gun with separate .45 ACP & 9MM uppers that is registered in 45 caliber. This is a Model M10A1A, Military Armament Corp., Lingville, TX. Included in this package is an M-45 Coastal 45 caliber Suppressor, a M-1 Coastal 9mm suppressor, a separate 45 cal upper for side bolt retractor and top picatinny scope mount, an extra 45 cal. Bolt assembly, an extra 9mm bolt assembly, 10 modified 9mm Sten mags, five 45 cal mags, nylon shoulder holster, and aluminum vertical fixed foregrip. This firearm has not been test-fired and will be purchased as is. The 9mm upper may need some work to function properly (per the seller). I am asking $5,500 plus actual shipping cost with insurance. ALL NFA rules apply. Fully transferable on a Form 4 in Wisconsin. If Wisconsin resident, we can do a Form 4 to Form 4 sale with only one ATF tax stamp. For out of state, we ship to FFL / SOT dealer only on a Form 3. We will pay the first $200 for putting firearm on a form 3. Buyer pays the other $200 tax stamp from his dealer (if outside of Wisconsin) to put the firearm on a Form 4.