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  1. We are supposed to get hit on the West side of Michigan this week. Not as bad as you out there thou... Would love to see a pic Matt
  2. Trump ignited the MAGA Movement. America First! Pride, Patriotism, and Love for Country. The MAGA Torch will be carried by generations of great Patriots to come. Matt
  3. Arizona representatives are submitting a bill to declare the state a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” I’m ready to enjoy this Shit Show! I’m done minding my own business! Matt
  4. Shipping Ammo

    I had 20 crates shipped last fall thru UPS. 6 of them got flagged for an additional fee because they were not in a cardboard box. I just called and asked them to reverse the charge. I shipped thru my non firearms related business... said I’d switch to Fedex... then they reimbursed the additional charges. They were crates of Greek HXP 2 cans of 240 rounds... hope this helps. Matt
  5. WTB 1919a4

    Heath. Contact Bob Naess at Black River. He has a few ready to go. Tell him Matt that bought the Saginaw 1919 suggested him They are a blast ! Matt
  6. Form4 transfer times

    Machine gun transfer Pending 6/5/2020 Approved 11/3/2020 Stamp is not in yet as of 11/13/2020 Matt
  7. I made the offer to Bob about sending him the money to cover the parts and I would send Rollin prepaid shipping labels. The offer stands. Just need proof and list of parts. Matt
  8. What Gun Control Measures Might be Coming ?

    How about Gun sanctuary homes?
  9. WTB 1919a4 & M37 Parts

    Still looking. Thanks, Matt
  10. Swordsman kills 2 in Quebec

    RL, this made my day! Keep up the good work buddy! Absolutely spot on. Matt
  11. WTB 1919a4 & M37 Parts

    Looking for (2) M37 Chrome Lined Barrels. RIA or Buffalo Arms (2) 1919A4 30-06 USGI Extractors. Original, not a newly manufactured body. (1) 1919A4 complete Bolt. 30-06 (1) 1919A4 Barrel Extension. 30-06 (1) 1919A4 Lock Frame. 30-06 Saginaw Gear preferred. Please let me know what you have with pics and price. If I do not recognize you off this forum then I will request proof. PM for email. Thanks, Matt
  12. Mike Todd was the REAL deal. He will be missed and REMEMBERED. Rest In Peace Mike. Matt
  13. Shipping a Pallet of Ammo Freight

    No dice on they said it was an outdated advertisement. UShip said no go on ammunition.... I just had each Crate sent thru UPS separately. With my business discount it was tolerable... if anyone has additional suggestions please post them. Matt
  14. Didn’t know where to ask this... I would like to have a pallet of ammo shipped to me via freight.... If someone has done this in the past can you please let me know who you used? I did come come across this and will give them a call... Thanks, Matt LTL Freight Shipping Ammuniton Here at, we ship all different types of freight. One customer, Lucky Gunner Ammo is a leading ammunition provider who ships all over the country. Many people have a misconception that to ship ammo they have to jump through hoops, but that is not true in most cases. Most of the time, non hazardous ammunition as outlined under Title 49 by the Department of Transportation is class 85 under NMFC code 64300-02. It is important to put “ORM-D” in the special instructions of the Bill of Lading. ORD-D stands for Other Regulated Material and is defined by the Department of Transportation as material having a limited hazardous risk due to its packaging and form.
  15. Pulled 223 55gr FMJ M193 Bullets Qty: 3000 in a 30 cal can. $200 ea + $20 ea to ship (3) Available Pulled 223 62gr M856 Bullets (Tracer and Incendiary) Most will light & some will Incendiary upon impact... Qty: 1000 in a sealed bag $125 ea + $15 ea to ship (0) Available SOLD 223 Mixed Brass. Wet Tumbled, Dried, Deprimed/Sized, Swedged, Full Length Sized again on a Dillon 1050 using Carbide Dies. They just need to be trimmed for the bullet your loading with. 57 lbs per bucket of cleaned, de-primed brass. Should be about 4300 cases per bucket. $250 per 5 gallon bucket Shipping is $40 per box to ship. (2) Available plus a little bit in the box. 16-20 lbs of Varget available to. If someone is interested in all I would sell a Giraud Trimmer set up for 223 for $475 as well. Its NEW. I was going to buy a machine gun in 223 and have decided to get a belt fed... Matt Ludington 49431 231-five, one, Zero -Seven 77 Six