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  1. Reising Model 50 (Failure to Feed)

    Joe at Keystone Arms is a good resource for these guns 1 (570) 491-4867 Matt
  2. Ammo Value

    Pm incoming. if your close to Michigan I am interested in the M2 Ball Matt
  3. Swedish k

    Still interested if he pass’s
  4. Swedish k

    If he pass’s I need a Barrel and a Barrel Shroud. Thanks, Matt
  5. Said good by to Bambi

    Welcome and sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers to his family and friends. Matt
  6. WTB Swedish K Barrel Shrouds

    Still looking, if you have a partial parts kit hit me up. Thanks, Matt
  7. WTB Swedish K Barrel Shrouds

    Still looking. Please hit me up if you have any partial Swedish K parts, Thanks, Matt
  8. Bixler-Boatman 93R

    Thanks for sharing! Looks fantastic and fun to shoot. Matt
  9. New buyer in Tucson, AZ

    Sometimes Estates can take longer then expected. In the meantime I would look for some local sub machine gun shoots and go to them. I believe there are a few big ones in Arizona.... chat some people up, see the different guns out there. Learn as much as you can and find out what you actually like. Maybe you want a shooter, maybe you want one to shoot 3-5 times a year, maybe you want a WW2... maybe a original Colt? You won’t know until you put some time in and learn what is right FOR YOU. I wanted a 1919a4 to shoot. I only take it out 2 or 3 times a year. I wanted a “real” one and ended up with a C&R 1919a4 Saginaw gun and couldn’t be happier... some people just want a Side plate gun to shoot.... There is a particular Thompson book out these that people swear by... I can’t remember what’s it’s called... Best of luck, Matt
  10. Dropping by for a few minutes

    Sorry to hear this Bob. I really enjoyed the phone call last week. Thoughts and prayers for you. Matt
  11. Virgin Wilson Sten Tube

    This discussion can turn into a shit show real fast. I have seen in person a Swedish K built on a Wilson HF-xxx tube. That’s a no go FOR ME. I have seen in person Wilson HF-xxx Stens and Sterlings and DLO MK2 Sterlings. There was a letter issued by the ATF at one point giving the go ahead to a particular builder to build a Sterling on a MK2 Receiver. I’ve NEVER seen it. The Form the receiver is on usually indicates that it is a MK2 Receiver.... not a specific Sten or Sterling or whatever. After someone has the receiver built into whatever they usually notify the ATF of the change...sometimes the Form its on is updated, sometimes it’s not. Then there is the issue of the cocking slots. Some argue you cannot change them....yet they are still OK having a Sterling built with the “J” hook welded up??? Like I said this can turn into a shit show fast. IMHO ... that tube is not worth $12k, now $10k... maybe $5k-$6k.... plus a build. Matt
  12. Yes, they take the name of a real shop or guy and use it with a fake email to give face to the scam. Matt
  13. MORE THEN LIKELY A SCAM! DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. Every time I’ve gotten an email like this they turn out to be a scam... Just a heads up... somehow they are able to get our email address... Here is the email. The actual senders email is: We are a licensed Class III Dealer, We carry a full line of silencers, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, and transferable NFA machine guns such as M16A1, Sten MK II, MP40, MAC 10, etc. They are all in excellent condition and functions 100% and we give great prices. If you have any interest, we can send a list of our inventory and we will be happy to help you with your next purchase! Thanks PJD GUNS LLC
  14. Shipping Ammo

    I had 20 crates shipped last fall thru UPS. 6 of them got flagged for an additional fee because they were not in a cardboard box. I just called and asked them to reverse the charge. I shipped thru my non firearms related business... said I’d switch to Fedex... then they reimbursed the additional charges. They were crates of Greek HXP 2 cans of 240 rounds... hope this helps. Matt
  15. WTB 1919a4

    Heath. Contact Bob Naess at Black River. He has a few ready to go. Tell him Matt that bought the Saginaw 1919 suggested him They are a blast ! Matt