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  1. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Do you still have the mp5a2 and the mp40?
  2. What is your asking price?
  3. WTS Stevens 520-30 US Shotgun

    Do you still have this gun? Thanks Mike
  4. Is price for 1 or all 3? Do you have any bird bombs to sell separately, or a source for them? Mike
  5. WTS PPSh41 display gun.

    Can you send some pics?
  6. Interested in maxim kits. When will they be available and at what price? Thanks Mike Sanders
  7. Wts Erb Sten MKV with matching suppressor

    PM me some more pics Mike
  8. Can you send pics of the bushmaster and the 1919A4 if still available? Mike
  9. Suppressors- new and used

    Still for sale?
  10. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit with excellent barrel

    Savage parts are identified by a s stamp on the part. The serial number on the receiver or trigger group will have a s prefix.
  11. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit with excellent barrel

    Are these savage parts?
  12. WTS: Garand En Bloc clips

    Are these new manufacture, or ww2 ?
  13. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Will you sell the belt loader desperately for 1200?
  14. Colt M16 -- Fully Transferable

    Still available? Do you know year of manufacture?
  15. WTS: Ruger 10/22 integrally suppressed F3 shorty 1 stamp

    Is this gun full or semi auto?