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  1. WTS:Remington SBS SFP

    Still available?
  2. WTS: No Law Letter Post Sample M2 Carbine Kit

    I will take it if available
  3. WTS: No Law Letter Post Sample M2 Carbine Kit

    I will take it if it's available
  4. WTS: UZI Magazines 32 & 25 Round

    Still available?
  5. M11/9 Upper, 22Kit and Mags

    I'll take it if available
  6. delete

    I'll take it.
  7. Looking for good condition M1A1 folding stock (Airborn). Would like original handguard as well. Paying for original items only.
  8. Do new Thompson drums function well?

    Have 1 50 rd Kahr drum and 2 100 rd Kahrs. All 3 work great in my 1928 FA.
  9. Remington 870 LEO Folding Stock

    Still available?
  10. How much is left? I am also still interested in the e bren tripod, complete, not just adapter. I have been tied up with some family issues, and apologize for not getting back to you earlier. I'm in Lafollette TN still, so would like to meet if still possible. M Sanders
  11. Where r u located? I'm in lafollette TN. Would like to see the tripod in person, if possible. M Sanders
  12. Are these still available? Interested in 1 of each. I am a 07/sot in TN. LE letter not in hand, but should not be a problem.
  13. Any pics of the 08/15 steam port cover? M Sanders
  14. WTS: 1919 Spade Grips - Pics

    Still have any in stock?