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  1. Suppressors- new and used

    Still for sale?
  2. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit with excellent barrel

    Savage parts are identified by a s stamp on the part. The serial number on the receiver or trigger group will have a s prefix.
  3. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit with excellent barrel

    Are these savage parts?
  4. WTS: Garand En Bloc clips

    Are these new manufacture, or ww2 ?
  5. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Will you sell the belt loader desperately for 1200?
  6. Colt M16 -- Fully Transferable

    Still available? Do you know year of manufacture?
  7. WTS: Ruger 10/22 integrally suppressed F3 shorty 1 stamp

    Is this gun full or semi auto?
  8. delete

    Is the gun semi or full auto?
  9. WTS Remington 870 14" SBS $380

    Still have any?