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  1. SOLD: BRAND NEW Factory HK German MP5F Barrel

    Bump, please.
  2. WTS: Colt 11.5" Commando Upper Receiver Complete "SPF"

    Bump, please.
  3. SOLD: BRAND NEW Factory HK German MP5F Barrel

    Bump, please.
  4. I have for sale a factory HK German MP5F brand new barrel with the 16 flute chamber and the laser etched Bundesadler proof mark. This is a BRAND NEW barrel taken from a newly manufactured, unfired MP5 post sample. This genuine HK factory barrel is as new and as perfect as it gets, and is all but nearly impossible to find in absolute pristine condition. $ SOLD $.
  5. I have for sale a documented factory Colt Commando upper conversion kit, R0933DC. It is absolutely brand new in the original box and plastic bag when it left the Colt factory. The upper is complete with an all Colt bolt, bolt carrier and charging handle and includes a rare original Colt letter of authenticity that is signed, dated and press sealed from the factory at the time of purchase. Here are the details: Flat-Top Receiver – Marked “C AF” and “M4” above the gas tube. Barrel – An 11.5" barrel with a 1 in 7 twist, marked "C MP CB" and dated "3/00". Bolt – Marked “MPFC" (line over the “F”) manufactured in “4/00”. Bolt Carrier – The left side of the full auto carrier has the Colt factory “C” manufacturer’s mark. Carry Handle – Marked “A A". Front Sight Post – Marked “F” and “C 99”. This genuine Colt factory upper is no longer in production and is an extremely rare find in absolute pristine condition for the most discriminating Colt enthusiast or collector. This is as new and as perfect as it gets. $ SPF $.