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  1. WTB: 20mm M61 Vulcan Parts

    Thanks to those members that responded to my last inquiry looking for M61 parts, but still looking for more. Please let me know what you have available..........demiled barrels, clamps, bearings, rotors, housings, feed chutes, drums, ammo boxes, mounts, etc. Thanks, Marshall
  2. Here is a want list of items that I am trying to find. Live/registered pieces are fine, demiled is fine, and just parts and pieces are fine. Only looking to purchase items that are currently within the United States, so no overseas offers please. I'm not on the board that often, so please do not post replies or IM/PM me.......just email me directly at armament@live.com Please let me know what you have off the following list: 7.62mm M134 mini-gun 20mm M61 Vulcan 40mm Mk19 grenade launcher 60mm M224 mortar 60mm M19 mortar 81mm M252 mortar 81mm M29 mortar 4.2" M30 mortar 120mm M120 mortar 83mm Mk153 SMAW launcher 84mm M2/M3 Carl Gustav 90mm M67 recoilless rifle M47 Dragon missile launcher TOW missile launcher M43 Redeye missile FIM-92 Stinger missile FGM-148 Javelin missile Thanks, Marshall
  3. WTS: Puteaux 25mm A.T. cannon

    Mr. Logan, The information you posted is completely inaccurate, so I will correct your statements with the information below. The flash hiders that we machined in our shop were made for, and advertised for, the 25mm MLe 1934 Hotchkiss anti-tank gun. They were an exact dimensional copy, machined within a tolerance of +/- .005" of the original flash hider (we had an original example on hand to replicate). We made a run of 12 flash hiders, two of which were for two guns that we had in inventory at that time, and 10 were sold individually. All 10 of the flash hiders that we sold were test fit to both of our MLe 1934 guns before they were shipped to customers, so we could guarantee fitment. You responded to our ad on Sturmgewehr on 10/22/12 and told us that "I will take one". You then contacted us the following day on 10/23/12 and wanted to know if our MLe 1934 Hotchkiss flash hider would screw on to your MLe 1937 Puteaux gun barrel. I told you "it should", but since I didn't have a Puteaux on hand at the time, I couldn't test fit it to be sure. I told you we would be happy to ship it to you, you could try it, and if it didn't work, we'd refund your purchase. You made the purchase on 10/24/12, and we shipped the flash hider to you via UPS Ground. You then contacted us on 10/29/12 letting us know that the Hotchkiss flash hider did not fit on your Puteaux gun, and you asked to return it for a refund. I personally responded the same day, on the 29th, with the following message: "Hello Charlie, sorry to hear it didn't fit........I appreciate the feedback. Ship it back to us at the address below and we'll refund the purchase & shipping to your card. Let me know what the return shipping cost was, and I'll refund that as well. Thanks, Marshall" You did not ship the flash hider back to us until 9 days later on 11/7/12. We received the flash hider back at 4:17pm on Friday, November 9th, 2012. I emailed you that weekend with the following message: "Hello Charlie, the flash hider made it back okay. We will process your credit card refund when we are back in the office on Tuesday. Regards, Marshall" On 11/12/12 you emailed our office to let us know the amount of your return shipping cost, so we could refund that to you as well. We attempted to refund the card twice over the following several days, both of which were declined by Authorize.net. Then, on the 20th, it came to light that you were wanting the refund on a different card than what the original purchase was made on, which the system will not allow. At that point you told our office to go ahead and just send you a check, which we did that day, on 11/20/12, in the amount of $639.86, check number 2376. We also advised your office the same day that the check was sent out. I know it's been 7 years since this transaction occurred, but we keep all communications and records for every single transaction that we've done over the past 15 years. You should really get your facts straight before posting false information on a public forum. -Marshall Morgan
  4. WTB: 20mm Oerlikon mount

    Looking for a mount for the 20mm Mk4 oerlikon anti-aircraft gun.