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  1. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    Any m13 links left?
  2. No Letter Auto Sears for sale

    I spoke to him. They are all gone
  3. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Ruben listed a couple. I also believe the firing line in Oklahoma has a couple.
  4. I have a police trade in Remmy 700 police package 308 with 26 inch barrel, police 40x trigger.. this gun belonged to a Sheriffs office that didnt see much use. each shot was logged and comes with the books you see to give you an idea on whats been down it. has a Leupold MK4 3.5-10 with turrets for the glass and Leupold mounts. 12 twist 26 inch barrel. Asking 2000 or close to it. and will not seperate the glass from the rifle. trying to sell to buy something else so lets make a deal. (pelican case not included. will ship in another hard case. ) the S.O wanted that case back once sold.
  5. WTS: Post-86 Dealer Sample GLOCK 18 - $3500

    I just happen to have a demo letter in hand for one of these and that scar you listed. Hmmm.... i have a 18C but this would sure look nice beside it.
  6. That's what im saying. Glad you are back on. I'll ring you and we can work out details.. Thanks!!!!
  7. Need a place to go to find a semi auto FFL RHSP for a 1919a4? i dont want to mess with 80%. also anyone recommend a builder for a M2HB? . Built in semi auto. also kinda looking for someone who can do it in a timely matter. Thanks guys.
  8. I am looking for these Post samples that i have on a current demo letter. maybe a few others and i can get a letter for that no problem. What i am wanting to discuss is HK G36C HK MP5SD any variant FN Scar 16 Auto CZ Scorpion A1 ( yes i know they are 1500 from CZ USA but wait time is crazy long. so i will pay a premium for one not to wait) American 180 Maybe a FNH p90 Cobray M11 9mm I have a HK UMP40 for trade thats on a form 5 at a PD i bought it from. Thanks Message me here or Email to Goldandsilver4you AT Hotmail . com
  9. Beretta PM12s Post Sample $3500 (New Price)

    These are nice
  10. WTB: Chinese RPK / AKS

    Like a norinco nhm91?
  11. Suppressors and UMP40 for sale..

    Hybrid are still up
  12. WTB: Beretta Brigadier D Series Slide

    What does one look like? I have 2 slides here but not very familiar with it.
  13. WTB: UMP receiver pieces, CETME L/LC barrel or recever

    Are you an sot? I have a 2 ump40s with 4 position packs I bought. But atf won't transfer more than one to me. So others up for trade really. Have demo letter for a ton of things. If your interested lmk.
  14. WTB Post Sample MGs

    sent ya PM