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  1. WTB : RPD Receiver

    FYI I spoke with DSA About a month ago and they do in fact have a big run of semi recs in the works for the RPD.
  2. 870 police magnum SBS $200

    I'll take it then Pm.incoming
  3. WTB 38a Beretta parts

    It varies. i paid 500 for a kit with demilled receiver and reweld jig with a few extra parts about 2 years ago. i have seen kits lately sell for same amount without jig and some little over. just depends on the market and how many are out there. i also paid 350 for a dummy gun that had everything but the bolt/ recoil assembly.
  4. WTB Sig P220 Threaded barrel any maker

    Still looking for a 220 45 threaded barrel Thanks
  5. WTB Sig P220 Threaded barrel any maker

    Found 226. Thanks
  6. WTB 38a Beretta parts

    I have a ton. i put together 2 kits and ended up with quite the extras. Email me at with your list. i will send over pictures. most everything i have is for a 38A
  7. WTB Sig P220 Threaded barrel any maker

    Customer of mine is looking 220 sig barrel. factory, gemtech or whatever you got in 45. thread pitch dont matter. he will pay retail. . Thanks
  8. WTB - Beretta 38A Kit or Couple of Parts

    Sent you a PM> Thanks
  9. WTB - Beretta 38A Kit or Couple of Parts

    Looking for a beretta 38A kit or a bolt assembly complete with buffer setup. can buy or trade guns or stuff. shipping from my FFL to yours I ended up with 2 hellbox 80% tubes and one kit so i want to build both at the same time. Let me know what you have thanks.
  10. Working on a Colt 607 clone.. figured i would try to see if anyone here has an upper laying around. from either a SP1, Colt 9MM or some no name upper. doesnt matter really. but thought i would try here before going to GB or some other place. Thanks.
  11. Pm'ed you back I'll take it per our conversation
  12. Looking for this for the harvester big bore. will also work with hybrid 46 but anyone have one? seems nobody online does. looking to buy for my can. Thanks
  13. FS: E.R. Maples M2HB 50 BMG SOLD!!

    I just have to say i love that storage/transport box. I would love to find a repro of that for mine.
  14. I am needing a Sten trigger housing that has had the original tube removed and ready for replacement tube. also needing a Beretta 38A bolt assembly with recoil. and Sear. as i bought a dummy gun and thats is all thats missing.. THanks
  15. Ihuj

    Magic carpet ride. That's my guess lol