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  1. WTS 1919 Pivot (Swivel) Mount

    Ill take the fork Joel. Emailed you
  2. Hi,

    just wanted to make sure you received my email to send the pics of your MPI 81 kit,

    Thanks and sorry if this is redundant..


  3. WTB: Steyr MPI 81 Parts kit

    I've got one that was saw cut front and rear very very nice condition. Pm me I'll get pictures. See what we can work out
  4. WTB: M2HB or M3 parts kit

    Guy has one on 1919 forums for 12k semi plate included i believe
  5. He was closed till the first. But I've gotten one surppressor and waiting on more he's been good at communicating.
  6. I just love these cans. At the price point they came out at it was the best 9mm can but i didn't buy enough. So I'm looking for more. I'm a dealer in Arkansas. Just let me know if you have a few you're tired of looking at. Thanks
  7. WTB Ak47 front trunnion for Chinese MAK90

    still looking? i dug out a mak 90 front end complete assembly and have a type 56 trunnion i bought to reheadspace but never completed the project. so figured i dont need it. could use a AK kit that isnt rare lol.
  8. Lots of no letter Glock Sears on gun broker right now. They are going for just couple hundred each.
  9. I'll take a surppressor if you have one
  10. Google has turned up nothing in stock. any dealers have a few or just one? will pay retail. RSR and SS are out and so is magpul apparently Thanks
  11. Looking to purchase a few of these any dealer have something in wither n.o.s or used? Lmk I'm a ffl & sot so transfer no probs for f3s. Located in magnolia ar.
  12. WTB: Factory 7.62x51 Tracer

    Dna guns, abe has a 55 gallon drum full of factory 762 tracers.
  13. Stoner 63 demill parts kit

    tims is Schnapper and the other guy is david and his is IAS47421
  14. Stoner 63 demill parts kit

    are you on the stoner research group on facebook? my buddy tim is actually sending a prototype to the tech branch for approval to build semi auto stoners with GI stuff. he has dozens of kits . there is also another guy on gunbroker with some nice kits as well.