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  1. I believe these are sold pending payment..if it falls through you got it.
  2. I got these on a box of parts i dont need the extras. so i will sell them The SEF pack is push pin and housing. only missing the selector. the bolt is auto and factory HK> will sell both for 308 bucks shipped. sold
  3. Wtb - Browning m9 links

    Looking for that great deal on m9 links.. Was thinking about that guy in Tennessee that has 55gal drums for cheap but have to drive to get it. And that's pretty far for me.. Looking for 2000 links to start with. Pm me your best prices shipped to 71753 Thanks.
  4. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    Wouldn't happen to have a pile of m9 links for the bmg would ya? Was about to hit up sarge but remembered you had a selection of goodies. I bought a bunch of m13 links from ya.
  5. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Let's get rid of some mufflers
  6. Remington 700P Police package W/ Leupold MK4 Price drop

    Still have it. Great price for a great rifle ready to go
  7. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Still have all this. Except the R1. Reasonable offers accepted on rest.
  8. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

  9. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    You got it.
  10. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    yes i do. i bought it from apex. but not going to use it. they are sold out now of these kits
  11. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Back to top with new stuff added.
  12. WTB:No letter Glock 17 full auto conversion

    One was listed on gunbroker. No letter
  13. WTB Colt SMG 9mm post sample

    sent you a PM