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  1. M249 Saw Barrels 13.7

    I buy para barrels new at $200, used at $125 to $150 depending on how used. the GB prices are absurd. The MGW prices aren’t even in the same universe as actual buyers.
  2. WTS: Sten Mk2 DLO tube - form 3 PA

    Sold pending funds.
  3. Transferable STEN MK2 DLO tube Built on a Longbranch kit, includes 3 magazines. Built by DLO and runs great. $7000 shipped. Transfer Tax by buyer, 1st tax paid already (note that there are 2 letter c’s)
  4. Looking for second model Dror parts in 8mm I’d be interested in a full kit, receiver pieces, a dust door assembly, magazines and a mag chest.
  5. This is a Fleming conversion including the remark of the receiver to Uzi SMG. Blocking bar was removed during the conversion as such standard bolts can be utilized. $12,500 up front. First tax has already been paid to get it on a Form 3. Any other taxes are to be paid by the buyer. Transfer to be efiled for ease and speed of transfer. Go ahead and get yourself that early Christmas present. Eric