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  1. Excellent condition M3A1 Pre-86 Dealer Sample made by Ithaca in the 50s. Works perfectly, has no dents or significant scratches. Appears to have seen little use. Includes one 30 round magazine. In my inventory and will move on an eForm 3. $11,000.00 plus shipping.
  2. MP40 pre-sample Form 3

    Thompson SPF MP40 still available
  3. Mac 10 on Form 3

    M16 is sold pending funds.
  4. Mac 10 on Form 3

    Yes, still available
  5. Mac 10 on Form 3

    Prices lowered.
  6. Curio and relic classification

    You are not required to show any C&R certification.You submit the Form 4 with your license number. The ATF knows if it qualifies as C&R.
  7. Insurance for gun collections

    Look at https://www.easterninsurance.com/ I was with Collectibles Gun Insurance, but changed. Never had a claim with either, so don't know how that would go, but Eastern has been better with communication. Very responsive when I want to make changes.
  8. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    Yes, M2 receivers sometimes crack. I do not know how often this happens or how difficult they are to repair. A friend of mine owns an M2 carbine with a registered receiver. It has a small crack near the gas piston. I consider it repairable and not worn out or ruined.
  9. M16 tutorial

    Start with this: https://www.ar15.com/forums/Armory/RDIAS-vs-RLL-vs-RR-pros-and-cons/23-199903/
  10. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    I really like carbines and agree that the M2 is a lot of fun. But in your second post above you talk about wanting a cheap “American WWII M G “. If that is the case, look at the Reising M50 for around $6000. 45 ACP is cheaper than .30 Carbine too. It got a bad rap from the Marine Corps because it did not stand up to extreme combat use. It served well in a police/security role and is great at the range. Just don’t try to live in the jungle with it.
  11. Mac 10 on Form 3

    M16A1 added.
  12. Mac 10 on Form 3

    Mac 10 9mm with box and accessories. eForm 3 transferable. SOLD Colt M16A1: This was a law enforcement weapon and shows finish wear from use. Mechanically it is perfect and we have test fired it. Includes one magazine. In stock at our shop and will transfer quickly to your dealer via eFile on a Form 3 Check for $22,500.00 plus shipping and transfer tax. No Credit cards please. SPF Form 3 transferable Swedish K. Built on a Wilson receiver. Great condition as shown. Functions perfectly with box mags and drums. Includes one 36 round box magazine and one 72 round drum. In stock at our shop and will transfer quickly to your dealer via eFile on a Form 3 Check for $16,000.00 plus shipping and transfer tax. No Credit cards please. PM me with any questions. Powder Springs Mac 10 9mm on Form 3 in excellent original condition with original serial numbered box, manual, and front strap. Fired very little. Works perfectly. Includes one magazine. Ready for immediate transfer. $7300.00 plus shipping. eForm 3 to your dealer. Checks only, please, no credit cards.