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  1. Grease Gun & M2 Parts

    When I buy used parts I want to see a detailed description of the condition, the more specific the better. Good close-up pictures make a big difference in the price I am willing to pay also. What is the condition of the barrel? A blanket description of the small parts is OK, but at least describe the more expensive parts such as barrel and bolt separately. Are these spare parts that you have actually used in an M3 or are they suitable only for a display gun?
  2. I am looking for a shroud and barrel for a Swedish K/Gustav M45/Port Said. Thanks
  3. New to forum New to MGs

    Hey Thumpy, Congratulations. As for insurance, I have mine with these guys: ------------ https://www.easterninsurance.com/insurance-quotes/personal-insurance/historic-firearms Laura Sewall, CIC, CISR Laura Sewall CIC, CISR Account Manager II Eastern Insurance Group LLC 933 Webster Street, Marshfield, MA 02050 Phone: 800-545-9326 (X59177) Fax: 508-652-4392
  4. Recommended dealer request

    In Shreveport I highly recommend Red River Range. It is new, but is run by Brad Simon who previously had a small operation (Red River Firearms) before completing the range a few months ago. It is a first class facility and Brad is very trustworthy.
  5. eForm 3: M1 Thompson Swedish K C&R: M3 Grease Gun Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun. British Proofs on barrel. Works perfectly. Good looking with worn black finish. No dents or other damage. From my personal collection and will ship directly to your C&R on a Form 4. $24,000.00 plus shipping and transfer tax. Swedish K/Gustav M45 on Wilson tube with Port Said parts kit. This fine shooter works just as it should. Minor surface scratches, looks great overall. Comes with one 36-round magazine. eForm 3 for fast transfer. $16,350 plus shipping and any transfer taxes. In stock at our shop and ready to go. sfp23info at gmail dot com or PM me here. M1 Thompson in beautiful condition. Works perfectly, has great wood and finish. Efile Form 3 transferable. Built on a Philadelphia Ordnance receiver by Urich. $19,000.00 plus shipping and transfer tax.
  6. I am looking to buy a Pre Sample Sterling MKIV or MKV. Please PM me here. Thanks
  7. Fixed stock for Sterling pistol

    Thanks for the advice. KGB does't have any. The PSArms website is not being maintained but I did get a nice email from the owner. I am improvising.
  8. This MP40 functions perfectly, is in great condition overall and has the early slab side magwell. Built on a Wilson tube with the very slightest movement between upper and lower. The stock locks open crisply and has minimal movement. eForm 3 for fast transfer. $14,750 plus shipping and any transfer taxes. In stock at our shop and ready to go. sfp23info at gmail dot com
  9. Still looking.
  10. Looking for a Sterling MK7 pistol barrel, prefer 4" and threaded but open to others. Also want a fixed stock, especially the plastic one made specifically for the MK7. Thanks
  11. Does anyone here have experience or suggestions for adapting a fixed stock to a Sterling pistol? Some plastic ones were made by Sterling, so that is a possibility, but I am also interested in wood stocks. Thanks
  12. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    You say you are new to Class 3, I hope you are aware of Knob Creek, just down the road from you. Next month the semi-annual show and shoot is a great opportunity for you. and another vote for the MP40. A classic German gun that is fun to shoot and parts/accessories are readily available.
  13. WTB Swedish K

    Yes, I have one on a Form 3. It was built on a Wilson tube with a Port Said parts kit. It is in great condition and operates flawlessly. $16,500. PM me your email and I will get you more pics.