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  1. What are the date codes? Both top and bottom? If these are 1970 or older I might be interested. We can own 50 yearold standard capacity magazines. JPG
  2. She did not return the money, but she also didn't move. I will probably report her to her local law enforcement just so I have it on record. Can I post her address and phone number?
  3. Tonya Butler(aka Christine Czerniak) 2119 N. Watt Ave Muncie, IN 47303 765-228-3689 I was far too excited for a deal on the semi-auto board. I posted my e-mail instead of using private mail. Christine(Tonya) contacted me as to whether I had received the pictures. Well, I have run into this before that the person selling is not internet savvy, so they work with someone else. I was FAR too trusting and busy, so I messed up. Long story short, I sent a Western Union Money order to Tonya and never received any goods. I contacted the real seller and they informed me that that Item had sold weeks ago. I re-contacted Christine and she assured me that the item was on the way. I have since tracked down Tonya. (I will post her info here if that is allowed.) She answered the phone the first time and feigned ignorance. He phone now goes to voicemail. Should I contact the local authorities? Is an e-mail transaction binding? I did write down what I was ordering on the Money Order. I have pictures of the envelope and the Money Order.
  4. Wts HK USP 40 compact $395

    Please send me pics If it looks good, I will take it. I am in NY, so I cannot take any hi-caps. I already have lots of USP40C mags. The transfer will have to be FFL to FFL. JPG John George