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  1. I've always understood a "wet can" to be "fogged" with an oil based lubricant not with water. I'd be a little cautious with wet baffles and what that might do to the back pressure in the can. ...just my $.02.
  2. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Great advice! ...always buy the seller. The other indicator I've found is the person that is either reluctant or "unable" to connect on the phone. Big red flag. Let's be careful out there. - Peter
  3. Hello Sturm Members - Long time member from Buddy's board years ago getting back in to the firearm world. I purchased two SSAR-15®SBS stocks from SlideFire and realized I checked out with the wrong items. I can return them as they've never been used or mounted but since they've become a bit hard to come by, I thought I would offer them here case anyone missed out. I'm not looking to make money...just recover my cost. Price: $210 including shipping to the USA only. (I can not ship this item to MA) Shoot me an email and I'll reply with a phone number so we can speak live if you prefer. This is also my verified PayPal email address. Payment via PayPal or check is just fine. Email: Thanks for looking and let me know what questions you have. - Peter Fruehling
  4. Test - Slide Fire For Sale Post

    Testing the text and image posting...
  5. Welcome to the New Forums!

    Glad to be back! The new format is GREAT. Thanks for all the hard work!