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  1. shipping a subgun

    As of 2012, UPS will not ship "machine guns", to include submachine guns. They will ship pistols, rifles, and shotguns, but nothing fully automatic. The nice lady at the distro center actually printed that rule up from me, it is on the main UPS web site. I had to drive three miles away and use FEDEX second day air. Lance
  2. WTK EFile 5320 Form

    I received the approved forms back from ATF yesterday. I called up ATF a couple of weeks ago to check status, was told a couple of things: 1) you won't get any receipt for emailed requests, and 2) even if emailed, you will get a hard copy through the US mail when processed. I was told the delay in processing was due to the government shut down.
  3. WTB: old style SureFire 6P Classic

    Will, I am not tech enough to know how to attach a photo. For what it is worth, this flashlight was with me in Mogadishu in 93 and 95. I would like $25 for it, shipped. Will throw in 2 extra bulbs, no batteries. Please give me an email address to send photos to, Lance
  4. WTB: old style SureFire 6P Classic

    Will, I have one and a lot of extra bulbs, are you still interested?
  5. All, I am looking for a smith to reweld the integral scope mount back on to my Armalite AR-180 (fairly new U.S. made model). While examining my EOTech sight (for the class action suit), the mount literally fell off into my hands, the spot welds holding the integral mount both broke. If there is another recommended way (JB weld) to reattach, please let me know. I already contacted Armalite, no support. Thanks in advance, Lance Brwnla@REMOVE
  6. Info on PAWS ZX5 Sterling

    I have one of the integral suppressor models, runs like a top. It has the "extra" bolt and spring piece in it. Lance
  7. Wts MK ARMS 760 9mm smg 5000.00

    I sent Frank a cashier's check on Monday, waiting for him to acknowledge receipt. Lance
  8. I will take the other loader and stripper clips, but you have one too many numbers in your posted phone number.