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  1. WTB valmet m62 m76 parts

    Looking for any valmet m62 m76 parts
  2. I have many internal valmet parts like triggers "double hook" and "single hook" dissconecters recoil spring guide rods l have the latter type hammer the valmet factory polished at the point where the trigger hook realises. I need the first type hammer that is on all M62s / M71 and many early M76 & M78 in all calibers. I will trade parts or other valmet items for the hammer I need, I will also buy it out right. Also most of my parts and valmet items are new old stock.
  3. Need old style valmet hammer I will buy out right or trade a latter type factory m76/m62 hammer in 99% to 98% con. the hammer I have to trade is from a m76 that only fired 60rds from it. This hammer is also factory polished at the point where the trigger hook realises this hammer is better than the older type hammer but I have 2 and want the older type hammer for a repair kit for a M62s. Thank you