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  1. WTB: Maxim MG08 Parts

    Hi, I am looking for the following MG08 parts, please email me at megajoule@comcast.net if you have any of these for sale. 1. Receiver pins with collars- must be hammer mark and crack free. 2. Steam hose and fitting 3. Russian m1910 lock 4. Finn 54R barrel, preferably turned down for an 08. 5. Booster/barrel bushing, new made is fine. 6. Barrel packing nut 7. German marked chamber cleaning tool 8. German marked tongs 9. Sight elevation lock push button, or entire rear sight assembly. 10. Original chain for traverse lock pin Thanks, Jim
  2. I'll take the reproduction box if you want to sell it separately. Please email me at megajoule@comcast.net.