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  1. wGAHHW

    PM sent
  2. WTS: Colt WWII M2HB

    Sorry Lee, I don't seem to have your number?
  3. WTS: Colt WWII M2HB

    Thanks for the offer but I'll pass. Regards, Dave
  4. WTS: Colt WWII M2HB

    Interest but still available. PS - also includes Go/No Go gauge, broken shell extractor and linker.
  5. WTS: Colt WWII M2HB

    WTS: Colt WWII C&R M2HB with 1942 tripod and T&E on Form 4 in Virginia. $40,000 I pay tax and you pay shipping. http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/subsonic9/slideshow/M2HB%20-%20Colt