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  1. No Letter Auto Sears for sale

    That is correct. If you would to start the paperwork my email is I have 7 or 8 DIAS units left I believe.
  2. WTS: MAC 10 9MM WITH BOX!!! $6500

    I'm interested to take a look. I'm in College Grove, about 30 minutes south of Nashville. My cell is 615.332.5470.
  3. I'm giving up my SOT and as such am selling off my post sample items. What I have left for sale are (15) Glock select fire auto sears and (25) DIAS units. Everything else has been sold with the exception of a few inventory silencers. The DIAS units will work on milspec AR15 lowers. These will not work on AR10. You will need to swap out the trigger/hammer/disconnector/selector for standard full auto parts. This is straight forward as there are simply the two pins (trigger/hammer pin) hold these in place. Then the DIAS simply drops into the lower. It may require a slight bit of timing but that's what the set screw is for. The Glock sear is a direct replacement for the normal back plate on the glock pistol. This sear will work on any gen 3 or gen 4 glock with the exception of the 42/43. I haven't tried these on the gen 5 models yet but will probably work. You will need to make a very small groove on the frame of your pistol. That is the only modification to the gun. The modification does not prevent you from removing the sear and putting the standard back plate back on the gun. So you can put your gun back to normal at any time (but why would you want to as these are a ton of fun to shoot). I left the sear trip lever a little long so it will need to be timed to fit your specific gun. To time the trip you simply need to use a hand file (no power tools) and remove a small amount of metal until the gun functions properly. I have a video on my YouTube channel describing the process (Fortress Firearms). I didn't go too in depth as YouTube is a public forum. I can also install and time the sear for you if needed (additional fee applies) after the F3 has been approved. If you are an 07/02 these units are already registered via form 2 and are available for immediate transfer with NO LAW LETTER needed. If you are an 01/03 you can purchase these but will need a law letter. Right now eForms form 3's are running about 2-3 days. Pricing is as follows: DIAS = $250 and Glock sear = $350 2 or more and I'll discount unit by $25. 4 or more and I'll discount unit by $50. You can mix and match to get the quantity numbers. If you have any questions or to get the ball rolling you can reach me at I have a few payment options. 1)I can send an invoice from QuickBooks, but that adds 3.5% for CC processing. You can mail a check payable to Fortress Firearms to the address on my FFL. Or we can do a DISCREET paypal to avoid fees. My paypal is associated to my personal email address so please mention that if you want to go that route. Thank you Ken Jackson Fortress Firearms