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  1. WTS: REDUCED Fleming Sear on form 3

    PM sent on the GSL Phoenix.
  2. Hello all, I am looking for a MP5K 3-Position Ambi (pictogram) clipped and pinned housing. If you have one for sale please PM me with price and payment info. Thank you!
  3. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale or OBO

    All, I'd just like to vouch for Tracy, he didn't ask me to but I wanted to put in a good word. I bought a used suppressor from him (Salvo 12) via this ad, and the deal was great. The can was a demo but looks new; great communication and his F3 transfer/shipping was fast. If you see a deal he's offering I'd grab it, you can't go wrong.
  4. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    Are your images strategically out of focus? Hold the camera/phone steady, wait for it to autofocus or half click the shutter button (if its a camera phone, tap the screen to autofocus directly over the serial number or receiver markings) and take the shot while holding your breath in. Given the rampant amount of fraud in this business, it pays to be thorough and detailed in your listings.
  5. I realize this is very specific. But I am looking for a Texas MAC in 9mm that was finished by SWD (uses zytel mags). PM me with what you have and price. ---Adam
  6. WTB: Texas M10 in 9mm (SWD finished)

    BTT, still looking
  7. WTS: Mac 10/9 Still Available . M16(SPF)

    PM sent on the M16
  8. WTS: Mac 10/9 Still Available . M16(SPF)

    I'm just curious. A few earlier posts have expressed concern over fraud and IP issues. I mean no disrespect, but your stated location is Pearland TX and your IP address shows Denham Springs, Louisiana. I'm just curious why this is. And by the way, its Sendra; not "Sandra" which is yet another point of concern.....
  9. WTB: M16

    Hello All, I am in the market for an M16. I'd prefer a "shooter" and have cash in hand for the right gun. Let me know what you have. I'd also go for an M16A1 for the right price and terms. ---Adam
  10. All, I am in the market for a transferrable FNC machine gun. I am located in Texas but do not care about location. Let me know what you have and if you are negotiable on price. Thank you!
  11. WTB: FN FNC (Transferrable MG)

    EPSolo, Yes I am still looking. What kind of price are you looking for and are you negotiable at all? Feel free to respond here or PM me. As for trades, I am all new to the NFA club so anything I have is non-nfa. If you are looking for anything in particular guns or other, let me know your fancy.
  12. WTB: Alliance Armament AMP-10

    All, I would like to buy an Alliance Armament AMP-10 for my M10. If anyone needs cash or would be willing to part with one please PM me or let me know here. Thanks!