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  1. A lot to list here..... 16ea M-2 accelerator pins 4ea M-2 top cover feed slide 5ea M-2 top cover feed pawl 22ea M-2 top cover feed pawl arm 2ea M-2 feed pawl bracket pin 1ea M-2 belt feed lever 2ea M-2 sear 1ea M-2 buffer guide 4ea M-2 cartridge stop, rear 2ea M-2 link stripper 1ea M-2 backplate latch 1ea M-2 topcover latch, just the latch itself, not the assembly 3ea M-2 cartridge stop, front 10ea M-2 extractor switch, 2 appear lightly used 6ea M-2 RSG frame screw, small 1ea M-2 retracting slide lever spring 1ea M-3 trunnion shim #C-7 1ea M-2 RSG frame screw, large 1ea M-2 Trigger bar pin 1ea M-2 breech lock cam spring 1ea FN-30 top cover assembly 1ea M-37 front sight assembly, I think 1ea 1919 backplate T&E clip w/screw and washer 1ea M-2 watercooled rear sight assy, missing the 2 small screws that hold the elevation slide halves together 1ea M-2 buffer and housing assembly, missing the lock spring, otherwise complete, appears new. 1ea M-2 starlight scope mount, arm to the side, missing one lock screw 1ea M-2 barrel bearing, steel 1ea M-3 aircraft bronze muzzle bearing 3ea M-2 firing pins 3ea M-2 rear sight screws 1ea 50 cal cleaning rod, sectioned, in the box 2ea M-2 bolt switch 23ea M-2 buffer disc 2ea M-2 grip tubes, w/screws, screws are rusted Round cover and chain for top of M-1 50cal anti-aircraft tripod, used, rusted, would refinish OK 1ea M-2 RSG mount stud and nut 1ea M-2 top cover pawl detent, early type 5ea various mount locking pins 1ea M-2 bolt latch assembly tool, not arsenal, but nice. 1ea 30cal,(1919)T&E locking lever, screw& spring 2ea M-2 rear sight ladders, and other small rear sight parts, knobs, detents, etc. 7ea 1919 barrel lock springs 3ea M-2 30 cal, tripod sleeve latch 1ea M-2 barrel carry handle, used 9ea M-60 barrel locking shaft,old type 1ea 1917 watercooled barrel, blued, appears new, light exterior storage wear/marks. Square cut spring locking notches? A majority of the small parts are new, some show light use, all are serviceable. A small handful of unidentified trinkets go with this as well. Looking for 2,500 plus shipping. Should fit in a large FRB, except the 1919 barrel, insurance is at the buyers discretion. Priced below Numrich, and substantially below BMG parts. PM if interested
  2. FS: 50cal ball projos

    I'll take the 200. Pm inbound with info.
  3. WTB Unservicable Garand Barrels

    I had PM'd you about a month or so ago. I've finally got around to digging out what I have. There are seven barrels. I've attached a photo of what is there. You can reply to for a quicker response. Thanks! Doug
  4. At this point, 2100.00 plus shipping would do.
  5. Bump... Give a shout... Lets negotiate....A deal....Price lowered...again.

    Thanks for letting us know who the dirtbag is. The only way to keep these scumbags from screwing other folks is to out them publicly. We shouldn't try to hide them. All we do is protect them by doing so. I always appreciate dealing with the honest folks.
  7. I have available 17 FAL 20 round metric magazines. Most have been refinished. By whom, I don't know. Looks like black dura-coat or some such. postmark on the box says I got them in 2011. Some are Israeli, some are unmarked, so probably FN. 25.00 each, plus postage. First "I'll take X many" followed by a PM secures the deal. Postal Money orders ONLY. Thanks!
  8. Bump up! PRICE DOWN! This stuff is a bargain at this price. Someones gotta be building Semi's or sideplate guns out there?
  9. Looking to buy 1 or 2 thousand 50cal M-33 or M-2 ball projectiles. I've got some, just looking for more, of course. PM me through the site for first contact. Thanks!
  10. Go with Whidden, skip GA. Just my opinion. I can PM more info if needed.
  11. Bumpety bump, bippity bop, PM me, lets talk. Price negotiable. Will perhaps sell individual parts at the right price....
  12. Like the title says, 74 excellent condition 50 cal links for the M-85 50cal machinegun. THESE DO NOT WORK IN THE M-2, (You know this, I'm sure),Hate to throw them away. 25.00 shipped in a medium flat rate box. First "I'll take it followed by a PM secures the deal. Thanks! Doug
  13. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    Well, would you look at that. Photos,and responses. An IRS serial number. Bueno. I guess if you can prove it's over 50 years old, you can argue C&R, right? A sideplate gun for sure. As "Browning" didn't make 50's. Unless you are talking about J.M. himself, and he didn't make M-2's.
  14. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    As pictured? Que? Sterlite? Hmmm. Price below market.... Kinda not so good description. Hmmm. But hey, what do I know? Maybe this guy is totally legit.
  15. Looking for a complete bolt assembly for a Swedish mfg HVA bolt action 308. This is not a 98 bolt, but instead is the one with the streamline shroud and the "butterfly" lugs, where the outer part of the lug is larger than at the bolt body. Please email (remove nospam) and provide a photo of the bolt face. Thanks in advance. Doug
  16. Looking for the 3 small screws that hold the 2 elevation slide halves together. the 2 on the right seem to be #4 but 4-40 and 4-48 won't work. 6-40 for the one on the left, it appears. e-mail Thanks! Doug
  17. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belt fed was a Frigidaire M-2 50cal from the Stembridge collection that LMO brokered about 20 years ago. It's been a fantastic gun. I load for it, and my cost per round is still hovering around a buck each. I can go out a couple times a year and shoot up a car, and have a blast. If you can jump into the deep end of the pond, not much beats a 50. Although, an MG-34 is a pretty nice gun as well. But those are just my preferences.
  18. 1918 A2 NESA BAR pre 86

    Ad reads like a scammer. Just my opinion. A photo of a photo of the gun. Not actually a straight up picture of the gun. Bizarre. Looked at the earlier ad. Can't tell if it is the same gun as the "photo". You'd think if you were selling a 14thousand dollar gun, you'd at least take decent photos and write a detailed description. But that's just me.
  19. Transferable Browning M2HB 50BMG

    Fish smell, red flags, but that's just me....
  20. Wasn't this the joker that had the hinky Uzi FS ad about a month ago? I looked for it, and it's gone. Good riddance. And like you say, lots of red flags, but lets not point them out and help this A$$ clown.
  21. I was appraising an estate recently and there was an HK91 with a Campbell trigger group/sear pack. I've never seen this particular variation before. A lever sticks out of the grip behind the trigger to run this thing. It doesn't appear to be the usual Sear in the trigger housing. The receiver has been converted to push pins, so I presume that makes it a registered receiver, and "married" to the sear. Kind of an odd arrangement, but cycled by hand normally. Value? I put an estimate of 25K on it, but thought that might be a little undervalued. Has anyone else seen this maker?
  22. I may be able to go back and get some photos of it. If I can, I'll post them. It seemed very well done, just an unconventional arrangement. The Trip and lever assembly appeared mass produced/commercially made.
  23. WTK: Opinions on transferable M2 carbines.

    Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. An old customer called me about 4 years ago. During the conversation he said he was quitting his SOT and selling all his C3 stuff. My question, of course, was "whatcha got?" One of the items was a Broadhead Armory registered M-2 carbine kit in a host gun. "How much?",I asked... For you? 2,900.00 he says....I told him, "I'll be there tomorrow morning with the money, we can do the forms and get it all sent out." It's in my safe now, and runs great. As they say, timing is everything...
  24. Seems to be a fairly scarce item. There would be no way I would alter or paint it. 50 cal test rigs are unheard of.