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  1. Most GI Thompsons are non-matching. They were rebuilt/refurbished by the Government, and it didn't matter if the upper/lower matched. An all matching gun is somewhat scarcer, and will typically sell higher than the others. But, that being said, all Thompsons are a good value, as they just keep going up.
  2. Scammers are Out AGAIN !!

    All the prices are too good to be true. For instance, An MPL for 2K? Really?
  3. Ridin' the J611

    A streamliner. Possibly the most beautiful steam locomotive ever made.
  4. So, Colt announced that they are ceasing manufacture of AR-15 rifles for civilian sales. Typical Colt BS. Their stuff hasn't been that good for decades. On the one hand, good riddance. On the other, another nail in the coffin of firearms in general.
  5. BUMP AGAIN! PRICE LOWERED AGAIN! 1917 barrel SOLD, no longer in lot!
  6. Bump again! Price lowered again! Now 1900.00 plus shipping! Lots of nice stuff!
  7. What are these front sights for?

    I've got NM M-14 and garand sights on hand. These are a full 1/4" taller. NM sights are the same height, but have a narrower blade than service sights. No markings are present, but they are wrapped in VPI wrap in the GI style.
  8. I have a bakers dozen of these, but I'm not sure what gun they fit. They look like a "tall" M-14 sight.
  9. FS: 50cal ball projos

    I'll take the 200. Pm inbound with info.
  10. WTB Unservicable Garand Barrels

    I had PM'd you about a month or so ago. I've finally got around to digging out what I have. There are seven barrels. I've attached a photo of what is there. You can reply to for a quicker response. Thanks! Doug
  11. At this point, 2100.00 plus shipping would do.
  12. Bump... Give a shout... Lets negotiate....A deal....Price lowered...again.

    Thanks for letting us know who the dirtbag is. The only way to keep these scumbags from screwing other folks is to out them publicly. We shouldn't try to hide them. All we do is protect them by doing so. I always appreciate dealing with the honest folks.
  14. I have available 17 FAL 20 round metric magazines. Most have been refinished. By whom, I don't know. Looks like black dura-coat or some such. postmark on the box says I got them in 2011. Some are Israeli, some are unmarked, so probably FN. 25.00 each, plus postage. First "I'll take X many" followed by a PM secures the deal. Postal Money orders ONLY. Thanks!