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  1. Thankfully, we will most likely have a very conservative supreme court for the remainder of our lives. (Provided you are 50 years old or more). The appellate and circuit courts are pretty much stacked in our favor as well.
  2. Looking for 200+ 40 grain Jet bullets, (just the bullets, NOT loaded ammo). Must be .222 dia. Just PM me through the forum and let me know what you have. We'll go from there.
  3. Indirect fire

    My dad was an artilleryman for 20+ years. Retired as an E-9. Just about deaf as a stone from Korea and Vietnam. The gun bunnies line up the optical sight on the red and white aiming stakes as a known point of reference, then adjust windage and elevation according to directions from the fire control computer, or from firing charts. Although a lot of that is automated these days in U.S. artillery. Computer controlled and all that. Plug in GPS co-ordinates and bracket your target with 2 rounds, and then fire for effect. Sucks to be in the impact area. Modern artillery is pretty good. Especially the NATO stuff. The Russkies are figuring that out the hard way.
  4. SPF Winchester M2 Carbine C&R Fully Transferable

    My mistake. It looked like the first digit was a "1" to me. If it's a 7, then it COULD BE an authentic M-2. But with the markings scrubbed, it'll probably be impossible to tell, as they made M-1's at the same time as M-2's.
  5. SPF Winchester M2 Carbine C&R Fully Transferable

    If this gun had originally been an M-2 and so marked, it would have a serial number up in the 5 or 6 million range. This receiver is out of the first batch of M-1 carbines assigned to Winchester. They hadn't invented the M-2 at that point.
  6. SPF Winchester M2 Carbine C&R Fully Transferable

    The answer to that is "yes". I noticed that myself. Obviously "scrubbed". Doesn't really matter if it is properly registered. Being a reblue, it's just a 'shooter".
  7. Gun shows decline.

    The problem I've had recently is that I can't get restocked on the ammo I sold a year ago. I made pretty good sales and profit on what I had, but I can't get resupplied. If I could fill my tables back up, I'd go back. But for now, it's pointless.
  8. 15-22 Pistol to SBR

    Same as adding a stock to a 1911 pistol. You are just registering the gun, whichever type, as an SBR.
  9. What is this belt fed in Ukraine

    That's probably likely to kick the snot out of you when you squeeze the trigger.
  10. .30 and .375 bullets available

    Address just sent via PM.
  11. .30 and .375 bullets available

    I'll take group 1 and group 3. I'll give you a call Monday to arrange payment.
  12. M2HB Brown Lipe Chapin need opinions

    That's a nice WW2 C&R gun. I would expect it to be around 50k + these days. They aren't making them any more, and the price will just keep going up. A Korean war Wayne Pump gun just sold locally for 50k just for the gun.
  13. Can anyone identify this Pintle Mount?

    It might be some kind of driveshaft, as it has a keyway on the bottom.
  14. WTK: Model and Value of mounts

    The can with the internal shelves is a fortress can for an MG-34 or Mg-42. I don't remember haw many rounds it carries, but it was a lot. This guy makes it more complicated than it needs to be.