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    I'll take it. PM sent
  2. If there was any good way to ship out of Alaska, I'd just send you a couple bricks. But, you pretty much have to ship a pallet load for it to work out.
  3. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Kamala's just "Biden" her time......Thought that one up myself.
  4. Spoke with my sales rep today for several brands of commercial ammo. He thinks it will be a year or year and a half before things are smoothed out in the ammo supply chain. The manufacturers are working overtime to fill demand. Saw a recent video from the CEO of CCI. They are churning out ammo, and have hired and are training new employees, but it will be a while before they catch up.
  5. Shotgun fix

    Be aware there are two types of magazine cap retainers on 870's . First, the one you describe, actually a detent ball. The other, works off of the newer style magazine spring retainer, that has teeth at the front, that engage corresponding teeth on the recessed area of the cap. If you have two "dimples" in the mag tube, at 6 and 12 o'clock, then you have the newer type retainer. The dimples are hidden underneath the barrel ring.
  6. The "news" article I read basically described all 3 of these people as jerks. The husband and wife had allegedly been antagonizing this jerk for a couple of years, on a fairly regular basis. He got fed up and solved the problem. Seems like the world is a better place without any of the three. I think the world would be a better place if folks would realize there are some people that need "removal".
  7. 17 below zero right now. Supposed to drop to 31 below later tonight. No wind chill, unless you are up in the hills. Dead calm here in the valley. Overall been a mild winter though. This is about the first 30 below stuff we've seen this winter.
  8. Pepsi ..... anyone ????

    Should have kept the lights in the front, that way maybe you could trick the thieves into feeding it quarters. Or keep the bill changer going, that is even better, if they feed it dollars.
  9. Some outfits will charge a "service fee" to cash a personal check if you don't have an account with them. Wells Fargo tried that crap with me. Customer wrote me a check, I took it to Wells Fargo, the Bank it was written on, and they wanted to charge me to cash it, since I did not have an account with them. What Bullschist.

    What he said.
  11. Joe's proposal to add to the NFA all AR15's...

    Sadly, it appears she is a "closet liberal". Unfortunately, no one worth a crap will run against her. At least she is "up to speed" on gun issues, but won't toe the line on some others. She's voting against the nomination of Barrett in the procedural votes, but will, probably, ultimately vote to confirm her to SCOTUS. Long live the Republic. Doug
  12. Joe's proposal to add to the NFA all AR15's...

    In Alaska, the Demon-rats are masquerading as "Independents". "I'm independent, but I'll caucus with the Demon-rats". Amazing that some folks will fall for such bullshit.
  13. .303 Identification

    Looks almost identical to a can of Indian 9mm that I have. Same paint, handle and type of opening. Looks like the paper label has been removed.
  14. WTS- Fully Transferrable M1 Carbine

    Registered receiver? Or registered trigger group? Inquiring minds want to know. A photo of the paperwork answers many questions ahead of time. Just the gun info, not the transferee/transferor part.