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  1. Looking for a complete bolt assembly for a Swedish mfg HVA bolt action 308. This is not a 98 bolt, but instead is the one with the streamline shroud and the "butterfly" lugs, where the outer part of the lug is larger than at the bolt body. Please email (remove nospam) and provide a photo of the bolt face. Thanks in advance. Doug
  2. Looking for the 3 small screws that hold the 2 elevation slide halves together. the 2 on the right seem to be #4 but 4-40 and 4-48 won't work. 6-40 for the one on the left, it appears. e-mail Thanks! Doug
  3. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belt fed was a Frigidaire M-2 50cal from the Stembridge collection that LMO brokered about 20 years ago. It's been a fantastic gun. I load for it, and my cost per round is still hovering around a buck each. I can go out a couple times a year and shoot up a car, and have a blast. If you can jump into the deep end of the pond, not much beats a 50. Although, an MG-34 is a pretty nice gun as well. But those are just my preferences.
  4. 1918 A2 NESA BAR pre 86

    Ad reads like a scammer. Just my opinion. A photo of a photo of the gun. Not actually a straight up picture of the gun. Bizarre. Looked at the earlier ad. Can't tell if it is the same gun as the "photo". You'd think if you were selling a 14thousand dollar gun, you'd at least take decent photos and write a detailed description. But that's just me.
  5. Transferable Browning M2HB 50BMG

    Fish smell, red flags, but that's just me....
  6. Wasn't this the joker that had the hinky Uzi FS ad about a month ago? I looked for it, and it's gone. Good riddance. And like you say, lots of red flags, but lets not point them out and help this A$$ clown.
  7. I may be able to go back and get some photos of it. If I can, I'll post them. It seemed very well done, just an unconventional arrangement. The Trip and lever assembly appeared mass produced/commercially made.
  8. I was appraising an estate recently and there was an HK91 with a Campbell trigger group/sear pack. I've never seen this particular variation before. A lever sticks out of the grip behind the trigger to run this thing. It doesn't appear to be the usual Sear in the trigger housing. The receiver has been converted to push pins, so I presume that makes it a registered receiver, and "married" to the sear. Kind of an odd arrangement, but cycled by hand normally. Value? I put an estimate of 25K on it, but thought that might be a little undervalued. Has anyone else seen this maker?
  9. WTK: Opinions on transferable M2 carbines.

    Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. An old customer called me about 4 years ago. During the conversation he said he was quitting his SOT and selling all his C3 stuff. My question, of course, was "whatcha got?" One of the items was a Broadhead Armory registered M-2 carbine kit in a host gun. "How much?",I asked... For you? 2,900.00 he says....I told him, "I'll be there tomorrow morning with the money, we can do the forms and get it all sent out." It's in my safe now, and runs great. As they say, timing is everything...
  10. Seems to be a fairly scarce item. There would be no way I would alter or paint it. 50 cal test rigs are unheard of.
  11. The burst barrels are usually bore obstructions. In a couple of the photos you can see the bulge where the obstruction was. Like the BFR 45-70 revolver, in particular. The burst chambers are usually from some type of overload, too much of the wrong type of powder. I've got a box full of this type of thing that I've accumulated over the years working on other folks' guns.
  12. PP-19 Bizon

    I've always thought the Bizon was the coolest AK ever.
  13. Buyers beware Trident Rifles LLC

    Yeah, that sure looks like a Benelli SBE II 12 ga to me. I'm not sure how that isn't "as described". Sounds like a shyster. Best wishes.
  14. m2 carbine kits ?s

    The Broadhead Armory M-2 conversion kit I have has a serial numbered connector lever,(trip lever). It was a good investment 3 years ago. I think the little M-2's are under appreciated. They are a hoot to shoot. The trick is to keep them well lubed, and shoot good ammo.
  15. Sadly, and without good reason, they refuse to ship to Alaska. The 49th state. Yes, we are part of the United States. So, I guess they do not like to sell things.