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  1. Buyers beware Trident Rifles LLC

    Yeah, that sure looks like a Benelli SBE II 12 ga to me. I'm not sure how that isn't "as described". Sounds like a shyster. Best wishes.
  2. m2 carbine kits ?s

    The Broadhead Armory M-2 conversion kit I have has a serial numbered connector lever,(trip lever). It was a good investment 3 years ago. I think the little M-2's are under appreciated. They are a hoot to shoot. The trick is to keep them well lubed, and shoot good ammo.
  3. Sadly, and without good reason, they refuse to ship to Alaska. The 49th state. Yes, we are part of the United States. So, I guess they do not like to sell things.
  4. A take on the ATFs leaked white page memo.

    I think it is an interesting read. The issue I see with no law letter post samples is that if you broaden the market to "kitchen table" SOT's , you will increase demand, and unless the supply is increased as well, then prices will escalate. M-60s may not be 50 or 60 k, but they sure won't be 20k. Basic econ 101. It would be nice to remove the restriction on post 86 transferable mfg. It would cause substantial losses in value of MG's, but in the end, would make the hobby more affordable for folks that don't have 20k laying around to spend on a gun. But I don't hold out any hope of that.
  5. What Did Santa Bring You?

    Father in law gave me a very nice correct Remington Rand 1911A1. Nice dark greenish parked finish, very pretty. He had it stashed for decades. One of the best presents I've gotten in years.
  6. I just checked my 3 unlined WW2 vintage M-2 barrels. The markings are pretty cryptic. There is, of course, the drawing number, just behind the carry handle cut. Plus some other small letters and numbers, but nothing that would lead me to think they were manufacturers codes. M-2 barrels are pretty interchangeable, so, I don't really worry too much about which barrel goes in the gun, other than to use the most worn out one first, till it gets close to the reject mark on the throat or bore gauge. My gun is a Frigidaire, as well.
  7. Going to be visiting in a couple of weeks. Are there any good independent gunshops with a selection of used classic firearms in the Atlanta/Marietta metro area? Thanks in advance!