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  1. Kind of the same question gets asked and answered over at some other gun "collector" boards. " What makes a gun a "shooter" vs. a non-shooter "collectible"? Again, for me, they are all shooters. Maybe if it is a particularly rare, and very high condition example, I wouldn't shoot it much. But, I have an irresistable urge to shoot everything I own. Some folks are afraid of breaking a matching numbered, hard to get, or maybe impossible to get part. I understand that. I'm just not that guy. Too expensive? I don't buy that argument. If you paid a lot for an example, that doesn't mean you can't shoot it. In the end, it's a personal choice. You own it. Do what you want while you have it.
  2. For me, I enjoy the fact that I can buy a nice MG, shoot the piss out of it for years, and probably sell it for substantially more than I paid for it when the time comes. Not many things you can buy, use hard, (but take care of it as well), and sell for more later. the "time to sell" has a lot of variable factors. Value, economy, how old are you, appreciation in value, marketability, and other factors I'm sure I haven't thought of. But I view them ALL as "shooters". They have a hole in the front of the barrel. That's where the bullets come out.
  3. It would seem rare, as only about ten thousand were made during the Korean war, and few would have made their way "out of the system". But, there is always a possibility.....
  4. Would you shoot this rifle ???

    Watched the video.I'll stick with a Lahti or Solothurn.
  5. Would you shoot this rifle ???

    It's gonna hurt when that rifle jams his thumb up his nose. He's gonna cry.
  6. Bump to the top. Price lowered. I'll pay the shipping.
  7. You'll have to research each gun and come up with a figure of, "what can I sell it for"? Then, and only then, do you make an offer. Two ways to go about it. You can offer 50% of ""what can I sell it for", or, you can "cost average" the collection. 50% gives you "room" to negotiate when you sell, and still have a margin.
  8. Somebody school me on the PS90

    I've had a PS-90 since they first hit the country. Great little gun. I don't care if I have AP ammo for it. I figure if I ever actually have to use it for "defense", I'll just pump three or four rounds into the target. Or just shoot till the threat is eliminated. I rather enjoy the top magazine arrangement, and have never had a failure with factory ammo. I've tried to handload for it, but it seems to be VERY picky about type of powder, and EXACT powder charge. But overall, I really enjoy taking it out and shooting it. No recoil to speak of, so very fast to shoot. Feels natural to me, as I kind of wrap around the gun. Just wish it had a better trigger. I would say that someone center punched at point blank with a 5.7 is pretty lucky to survive. I had a friend back in the mid 80's that bought a brand new Colt Lawman 357. That day, we sat down and loaded a box of 357 mag, with a casefull of H-110 and a Speer 125 on top. Later that week, he's up at the University, sitting in his '67 Camaro, and figures he's going to dork around with his new revolver. Flicks the cylinder open, dumps the cartridges into his hand, and drops them on the passenger seat. Flicks the cylinder closed, and starts dry firing the gun....Click....Click....BOOM!!!!...(didn't check to see that all 6 came out. Not smart).He flicks the Colt onto the passenger seat, shakes his head to re-arrange all the disturbed molecules inside from torching off a 357 inside a closed car, and starts looking for the hole in the floorboard. As he is looking, he notices a wisp of smoke coming off the top of his left leg....And notices he's got a new hole in his Levis. 4 holes, to be exact. He had his leg pulled back when it went off, so in the top, out the bottom, then in the back of the calf, then out the front, at the left side. He proceeds to get out of the car, enter the admin building, trailing blood as it's running down his leg, climbs three flight of stairs before he finds anyone there on a Saturday, and asks them to call an ambulance, because he just shot himself in the leg. No hits to the bones, or major nerves or major blood vessels. Lucky. 4 holes with one bullet. Didn't even know he'd shot himself for about 15 seconds or so, till he noticed smoke coming off his leg.
  9. Most GI Thompsons are non-matching. They were rebuilt/refurbished by the Government, and it didn't matter if the upper/lower matched. An all matching gun is somewhat scarcer, and will typically sell higher than the others. But, that being said, all Thompsons are a good value, as they just keep going up.
  10. Scammers are Out AGAIN !!

    All the prices are too good to be true. For instance, An MPL for 2K? Really?
  11. So, Colt announced that they are ceasing manufacture of AR-15 rifles for civilian sales. Typical Colt BS. Their stuff hasn't been that good for decades. On the one hand, good riddance. On the other, another nail in the coffin of firearms in general.
  12. BUMP AGAIN! PRICE LOWERED AGAIN! 1917 barrel SOLD, no longer in lot!
  13. Bump again! Price lowered again! Now 1900.00 plus shipping! Lots of nice stuff!
  14. What are these front sights for?

    I've got NM M-14 and garand sights on hand. These are a full 1/4" taller. NM sights are the same height, but have a narrower blade than service sights. No markings are present, but they are wrapped in VPI wrap in the GI style.
  15. I have a bakers dozen of these, but I'm not sure what gun they fit. They look like a "tall" M-14 sight.