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  1. Thanks. No, I don’t spend a lot of time reading everything on sturm. But I appreciate the help nonetheless.
  2. My spring finally puked in my JCB RDIAS. Does anyone have experience swapping one out? I've never done it and since M60Joe is officially retired, I'm grasping at straws here. I see a lot of different opinions. If someone has experience with their own DIAS, I'd be greatly appreciative of your help.
  3. Looking for a milled AK47 (full auto and transferable class III). No rewelds. If you’ve got something fitting that description, shoot me a message.
  4. WTS: Bushmaster Parts Kits $450

    PM sent.
  5. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Yessir. I've seen Ruben's online. Push comes to shove I may make a visit to Florida and look over all of his stock.
  6. WTB - Full auto AK47

    BTT. Still looking. Stamped or milled. Paying cash. Looking for the right piece to add to my collection.
  7. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Bump. Had some replies but still looking.
  8. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Looking to add a full auto AK47 to my collection. Will consider anything (including bring backs with solid provenance). The higher the quality/condition, the better.
  9. WTB: HK sear or DIAS

    I'm currently in the market to purchase an HK or Drop-In auto sear. I'm looking over options for the following: 1. An HK sear in pack (registered in NA or all three calibers...9mm, .223 and .308). I prefer either a Fleming or Qualified sear. A host weapon would be preferred as part of the purchase but is not a deal breaker. 2. A registered drop-in auto sear (steel only). A host weapon is not necessary, but if one exists I'd consider it as part of the deal. I'm a serious buyer, not looking to waste anyone's time. If you have something fitting either of these descriptions for sale, please PM me with an email address. Please be aware that I will ask for photos of whatever you have to offer. Thank you.