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  1. Looking for a milled AK47 (full auto and transferable class III). No rewelds. If you’ve got something fitting that description, shoot me a message.
  2. WTS: Bushmaster Parts Kits $450

    PM sent.
  3. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Yessir. I've seen Ruben's online. Push comes to shove I may make a visit to Florida and look over all of his stock.
  4. WTB - Full auto AK47

    BTT. Still looking. Stamped or milled. Paying cash. Looking for the right piece to add to my collection.
  5. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Bump. Had some replies but still looking.
  6. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Looking to add a full auto AK47 to my collection. Will consider anything (including bring backs with solid provenance). The higher the quality/condition, the better.
  7. WTB: HK sear or DIAS

    I'm currently in the market to purchase an HK or Drop-In auto sear. I'm looking over options for the following: 1. An HK sear in pack (registered in NA or all three calibers...9mm, .223 and .308). I prefer either a Fleming or Qualified sear. A host weapon would be preferred as part of the purchase but is not a deal breaker. 2. A registered drop-in auto sear (steel only). A host weapon is not necessary, but if one exists I'd consider it as part of the deal. I'm a serious buyer, not looking to waste anyone's time. If you have something fitting either of these descriptions for sale, please PM me with an email address. Please be aware that I will ask for photos of whatever you have to offer. Thank you.