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  1. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    I’ll take the 9mm lower
  2. Rare pre89 Semi's

    I’ll take ps90 pending pics
  3. FN P90 Parts Kit

    I’ll take it
  4. I have available some very good to excellent condition condition HK G3 German wood stock sets. Condition on these is well above average.. Price is $175.00 each which is the same as I was selling the used surplus condition ones, these are MUCH better.. + actual shipping cost to your zip code. CC + 3.5%, MO or check if you have good feedback. If you buy 5 + sets, $160each. I picked a few sets at random to show average condition. Representative photo. I will handpick like-new in either dark or lighter color of wood for an additional $10.00. Thanks
  5. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    Rescinded, free bump
  6. WTS: HK 416 D Post Samples

    I’ll take these
  7. WTS: SIG 55x 30 rd Magazines

    Ill take all 7
  8. WTS: HK G36C and G36 Parts Kit

    I'll take the C kit