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  1. WTS: FN P90 Parts Kits $1,600.00

    I’ll take it
  2. WTS: Colt SP1 Carbine / Springfield Pro 1911 9mm

    I’ll take the sp1
  3. WTS Beretta AR70 pre ban

    I’ll take this per our pm
  4. WTS: Colt M4 6933 Canadian Import SBR

    I’ll them all
  5. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Somebody please find this poor guy a box so I don’t have to keep seeing this!
  6. WTB xm177 Vinyl Acetate 2 position Stock

    I have one. Send me an email.
  7. If its both for $500 ill take them
  8. WTS: German MP5 A2 stocks Good Condition! Cheap

    I’ll take them all.
  9. WTS: Ruger AC556 Folding Stock

    I’ll take it
  10. WTS: Cobray M10/45 camo mag pouch

    I’ll take this per PM
  11. Looking for glock magazines that look like this. Square notch, 9mm centered. Scherer extended magazines. PM with info and pricing. Can pay in several different ways. Photos needed to confirm. Thank you.
  12. WTS: HK G36K and G36C Parts Kit

    I’ll take both k’s
  13. WTS: FN FAL and M-14 Parts Kits

    I’ll take m14 Kit
  14. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    I’ll take the 9mm lower