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  1. Did you buy the gun as the picture shows or did you add items to it? I can understand somewhat about not firing the gun, as you have so many. I have a couple in my safe that I haven't fired either. I just have other things to do or see something else I want, so put it aside. I have work to do on a couple guns,(just minor things), & I keep putting that aside too. Why the picture of the AR15 with a bayonet? In Nam I never had to put my bayonet on my M16,I just didn't get close enough for that, but close enough to shoot. thanks tom
  2. I'm looking for a new, as new, or (one that has been shot less than 50 rounds) DPMS Panther in 308 caliber with a 24" Stainless Steel Bull Barrel. The transaction has to be through a FFL gun shop, & I have an FFL ammunition shop to go through. thanks