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  1. PKT Platform Bracket

    Looking to but Platform Brackets for the PKT gun as well as PKT parts kits.
  2. WTS: ~1200+ Recovered 40mm Projectiles (Mk19)

    Hi Jason, just checking back. Do you still have any projectiles to sell? Looking for live training blue nose rounds as well. Let me know either way thx.
  3. Are these MK19 parts still available? Looking for a MK19 parts kit to buy as well?
  4. Myron, any luck getting more MK19 ammo?
  5. WTS: ~1200+ Recovered 40mm Projectiles (Mk19)

    Jason, do you still have these for sale?1200 recovered 40mm grenade projectiles
  6. WTS FN MAG58 M240 Armorer's Manual $100

    I would like to buy a Copy of original 336 page FN Factory armorer's manual for the MAG58 and 64 page parts list/manual. Please provide me the payment details and total price with shipping. Thx. WTS FN MAG58 M240 Armorer's Manual $100