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  1. Everyone: Someone is Fraudulently attempting to use Parleys Mercantile & Gun Shop email and info to sell guns, please call our shop and verifying its actually us before sending any funds, call our shop at 208 589 6839. Thanks Brad
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    SCAM alert sent by Cheryl Abernathy sent this today 3/23/2018 CHERYL ABERNATHY <> Email is below, do not deal with them. 1. LNIB Factory FN Scar 17 select fire $4000 I have one LNIB Post Sample Factory FDE FN Scar 17 machine Gun... Package includes Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 illuminated reticle Scope W/quick detach ARMs mounts,Magpul foregrip,Magpul grip,Magpul extended selector,Magpul sling attachment, Magpul charging handle, Geissele FN Super Scar full auto trigger, Surefire FA762SS 7.62 Quick detach suppressor, Surefire adapter/ flash hider, 2 FN FDE 20 rnd mags... 2. UZI pre-may D.S sample $4000 Pre 86 Dealer Sample UZI for sale. It comes with the factory metal folding stock and the finish looks in good condition. One mag is included, no manual or sling, but the internals are very clean. This weapon transfers tax free to any current FFL / SOT ONLY. This is a Keeper if you quit the business. On a form 3 and in inventory. We use the eForms system for quickest transfers. 3 . Walther MPL Pre Dealer Sample w/ 2 Mags $3500 Walther pre-may MPL, good condition with finish wear from regular use. 2 Magazines included. German police markings were removed. FFL/SOTs. Must be a dealer, no demo letter necessary. $3500 shipped. 4 . Colt LE6933 Factory 5.56 "Commando" Short Barrel Rifle $1000 New in Box Colt LE6933, Factory Short Barrel Rifle, 11.5" Barrel, 1/7, similar to the "Commando" Configured MG. Form 3 - We have them in-stock for quick e-file transfer $1,000.00 5 . Colt LE6991 Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle $1000 New in Box Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle similar to the RO635/639 "Commando" Sub-machinegun. Comes w/2-32rd mags in Factory Accessory Pack. We have them In-Stock Ready for Immediate Transfer. - Form 3 We e-file For Quickest Transfers 6 . Mossberg 20ga AOW, 8" Barrel Shotgun $800 New in Box Mossberg 500 "Rotating Pistol Grip", 20ga., 8" Barrel, AOW Shotgun manufactured by SE Arms. THE AMBIDEXTROUS ROTATING PISTOL GRIP HAS FIVE DIFFERENT SETTINGS WITH A HOGUE SOFT RUBBER REAR GRIP AND FRONT CAA ASSAULT GRIP WITH FINGER GROOVES FOR USER/SHOOTER COMFORT. Registered as an AOW - Form 3 In-Stock Ready for Transfer. 7 . M14S M21 Sniper Rifle .7.62x51 1200.00 This is a M14S Caliber- M21 7.62x51 (.308) rifle that has been highly tuned for accuracy and looks great with the desert style camouflage on the fiberglass stock. Has the flip-up buttplate replaced with the rubber sniper style pad. Has a lace-on cheek pad. 6x18 period correct scope with side focus. Steel scope mount that’s very sturdy. Holds moa very well. This is the forged receiver M14S pre-ban rifle. This thing is dead on accurate. Comes with 3 20 rd mags. Has Fulton Armory M14 fax selector switch kit on it for looks. Semi auto rifle.Has Surefire Flash Hider on it now but you have a choice of factory style flash hider or the surefire on it. 8 . M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1500 Vince Jiga built this rifle for me several years ago as I wanted a 7.62 M1 that could compete. Vince went through a great deal of his parts (he built over 250 correct M1s for his OWN collection) to select the best parts to build this rifle. All of these parts are specifically selected & the receiver is bedded in. Vince used to run Camp Perry & built the original Crane order of SPR uppers when we first sent SpecOps into Afghanistan. Cancer killed Vince, my close friend, & I then had several heart & kidney operations including cracking my chest. When I finally decided I could do the rifle justice I took it to the range. I could see light through the small rear aperture but not even the front sight. My eyes can now only see through a scope. !! DAMN !! This rifle deserves better than me. It needs a home with a skilled Shooter. I doubt if a master shooter can find a more competitive M1. 9 . MP5 I am giving up my license so this post-dealer sample could be yours without needing a law letter. Runs great. Shot moderately. $2,000 plus shipping. You need to be a type 07 to get this gun. 10 . Kriss vector for sale $1200 11 . No Letter Post Sample AK47 $600 NHD build. 7.62x39 cal. Lot# 019 No Letter Post Valkyrie Belt Fed M16 $600 *Valkyrie BSR-MOD-1 Belt-fed upper. *Bushmaster NHD lower build. *5.56mm cal. Lot# 016 No Letter Post Sample B&T TP9 $2,000 No Letter Post Sample Thompson $2,000 No Letter Post Sample RPD $3,200 60mm Mortar DD NEW PRICE $4500 No Letter Post Sample DSA SA58OSW $2,499 No Letter Post Sample MK760 $1,399 No Letter Post Sample Uzi $3,000 OBO