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  1. WTB transferable Sten or Madsen M50

    I have a Wilson Mkll that I bought 15 years ago and have not used, kept in safe, and comes with two stocks. Form 4. $6200 firm and you pay the taxes and transfer fees, I can pay shipping. If you are interested email me at
  2. WTB transferable M10/45 in MI

    got a nice mac 10 .45 been stored and not fired in 16 years but not in Michigan. powder springs which is most wanted. $6k firm and you pay ship, transfer and taxes. email me at if interested.
  3. WTB subgun for $6,000 or less

    have a mac 11 380 and also mac 45 cal, both powder springs which is most wanted and both have been in a safe not fired in 16 years, in great condition. Will take $6k firm for either, plus you pay any shipping and taxes, etc. email your phone number to

    I have a sten mk2 for $7k firm, and you pay shipping and transfer fee. I have had it in safe for 16 years since I moved from mass to Florida, and only used it twice before that. it is in great shape. reply to if still interested. 50 percent up front and 50 percent when approved form 4.
  5. WTB: Ruger AC556FS

    I have an excellent condition 556 folder blue, that I have had for 16 years and fired once. email me at if interested. Best part is I am in Boca, so it is a person to person transfer. Want $12,900.00, but will work with you a bit if you have cash in hand. I also have several others too, such as m-16, etc, if interested.
  6. WTB: Sten Tube Gun in AZ

    I have a sten Mk 2 tube. I believe it was made by Douglas Oefinger. has two stocks. Fired it twice 2000 when I bought it, then in the safe in Florida ever since. Condition is excellent according to dealers who have looked at it, and I want over the $7k and you pay transfer fee. call 561-305-8117 if interested.
  7. WTB Transferable MAC 10 45

    have one that I have had for nearly 20 years in my safe, am getting ready to sell my collection of class 3 stuff. Call me at 561-305-8117 to discuss.