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  1. Alternative Approved MP5 Destruction Methods?

    Are you reading import regulations? Last one I cut, many years ago, I just saw cut. Next inspection all they said was torch the ends of the middle section we saved for proof of the demill. Fair chance things have changed
  2. Pre 89 mags and accessories

    Do you have any galil slings? HAD TO SAY IT! Ha have a great weekend
  3. KIWI's got hit BAD !

    It's idiots like AOC getting into office that will ruin us. My own state of Kansas elected an idiot libtard for governor last year! Kansas! With any luck we'll just have a term of gridlock but what good things could we be doing with that time with a better governor???
  4. Time for Wayne LaPierre to resign...

    Time for the NRA to resign
  5. Who can mill a mini14 stock out to fit ac556?

    You can't A-team without the folder....
  6. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    I have a lnib ruger blackhawk in 45 acp/lc and a Remington model 141 in 35 Remington
  7. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Any interest in trades?
  8. I don't any solid answers. I know GOA is working the bump stock issue. I know there a handful of others out there. Im not saying they're perfect either but i know big business is always more wasteful than small!
  9. The value added of giving them money versus the "other guys" just isn't there. After the bump stock abortion I quit even "rounding up" with brownells! I don't own or care to own a bump stock but I sure in the hell should be able to buy one freely!! I get your points but I stand behind mine. I also spend as little money in anti states and with anti companies as possible. Quit going to venues that ban carry as well
  10. It's dead as far as fighting for freedom, it has been for a good while. I was a member for one year ten years ago. Waste of money. If we could get that message out and get guys giving to people that are truly fighting.... THAT would be a game changer
  11. No surprise to me. They're just as bad as those in office in D.C.!
  12. WTS: 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    I would be willing to make an offer on the 22. Import marks make a HUGE difference
  13. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Very nice looking gun! Grips number match?
  14. WTS: 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Import marks on the 22?
  15. WTS: 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Do you have pictures of the bull barrel 22?