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  1. WTS: S&W Model 41(SPF) & Ruger Single Six

    Put me in line on the smith if things fall through. Thanks
  2. I'll take these for $500 please email me at
  3. CZ 75 "Pre B" Mfgr'd in 1985. Now $450.⁰⁰

    I'll take it with all the mags
  4. CZ 75 "Pre B" Mfgr'd in 1985. Now $450.⁰⁰

    I'm still interested but you told me last week it was sold
  5. Just FYI. Trijicon does not service their products! I will never buy from them again. I am very impressed by Vortex, they covered a used scope I bought 100%
  6. Price in listing

    Is it just me or do you miss the days of Buddy and having to put your price in your title? I'm not knocking on anybody, just asking a question. Gets really old opening ads with interesting items and ridiculous prices!
  7. CZ 75 "Pre B" Mfgr'd in 1985. Now $450.⁰⁰

    Please email me at about this gun
  8. Gunbroker issues-user name was changed

    I was the winning bidder on an item which was going to sell WAY too cheap and I had gotten sideways with the guy on another item. SOMEHOW before the auction ended it just disappeared! He still has other auctions so I don't think he blocked me, it is just gone. I thought once you had a winning bid you had to run the auction out?
  9. As always I love reading your post man. Sure wish I had been around for the good ol' days! Makes me sad my kid will never even know the annoyance of something like a "commercial break"
  10. WTB Spanish FR8 parts

    Mostly looking for a bolt but would be interested in a stock and hardware if the price is right Please email me at Thanks
  11. Sig AMT optic mount rarity?

    I'm sure my shop could make them but I don't work in the bidding department so I have no idea the cost!
  12. WTS: Hungarian PPSH-41 Parts Kit

    I might be a buyer too if you find more
  13. Gunbroker Jail

    Sale tax should(is?)be illegal I think is the point
  14. ATF emails FFLs about FRTs being machine guns.

    I agree with Thumpy, the existence of the atf disgust me!