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  1. WTS: Chinese SKS's, 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    I would be willing to make an offer on the 22. Import marks make a HUGE difference
  2. WTS Smith & Wesson 38-44 HD revolver

    Very nice looking gun! Grips number match?
  3. WTS: Chinese SKS's, 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Import marks on the 22?
  4. WTS: Chinese SKS's, 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Do you have pictures of the bull barrel 22?
  5. Plain Jane 07 transfer question

    Im good friends with my FFL so I have little issue but I would think 1 day for contact, 3 days at most for pick up availability. What's he's charging?
  6. Lithgow LA101 Crossover Rifle 22LR with threaded barrel

    Those look a lot like cz mags, that would be cool
  7. M1A serial number info

    If it's a Springfield I've had good luck with just calling them and asking. Others I don't know what to tell you
  8. I'll take all the sig braces per our pm's. Thanks
  9. Please see my last post... im still interested
  10. Bren Mk. I .303 paperweight

  11. Nobody worried about the stock sold with the pistols???
  12. Woodstock 50.....WTF??

    Good thing I wasn't eating or drinking when I read the part about your dog cuz mine would be wearing it otherwise! Ha
  13. Well said as always sir
  14. 1919A 8mm conversion kit?

    22lr and 38 special? That's crazy! I've never had a chance to really look in the guts of a 1919 but I'm impressed sir!
  15. I would be interested in all your gen 1 braces for a good price