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  1. FS: Ruger Blackhawk(New model)$300

    I will take it per our conversation
  2. reliable smith for long range tact rifle needed

    GA precision in kansas city is very hard to beat. I went to Colorado school of trades with one of their guys, matt hock. He's top notch! Their prices reflect their quality. No idea on their lead times.
  3. Food stamp funding runs out 1/31/2019!!

    I'm aware of the history. I see no reason food stamps and farmer subsidies should have anything to do with either. Not to mention we shouldn't have either program in the first place! It's the swamp doing its swamp work and the guy that said he'd drain it has just been making it deeper...
  4. Food stamp funding runs out 1/31/2019!!

    I hope you're right and the funds do run out but I'm sure the swamp lead but orange hair will come up with a new place to steal money from to keep it going. Total bs the way they tack that kinda thing into farm bills!
  5. Bump stock ban

    Anybody read the news this week? Looks like orange hair did it, where will he strike next?
  6. Bump stock ban

    I don't mean any disrespect but you sound like Nancy Pelosi..."we have to pass the bill to see what's in it" I'm just trying to gauge why this isn't a bigger issue. Keeping whatever hand you have to yourself is fine.
  7. Bump stock ban

    Morning fellas, I heard about this turd of a law late in the week but haven't seen much coverage. Why? I don't own a bump stock nor do I have any plans of buying one but I still don't want them banned! What a waste of time, air, paper, and anything else going into making this law.
  8. Musings of an old reloader

    Im on number two but have no doubt she'll be the last, one way or the other! I can't wait to be old, I already hate kids walking through my yard, like things the way they used to be, prefer "terms no longer used", and use 'hep cat' every chance I get ha
  9. Musings of an old reloader

    Love reading you two, I'm a smidge over 30 but enjoy nothing of the times. I will always pick old, older, and oldest books when I can! Keep posting, I'd enjoy more stories of the good old days Pete
  10. Fake news, the left ,weather, no truth

    David Letterman has been telling us about this for years folks..."the government controls the weather"
  11. Give my good buddy Adam Balzer a ring, he's top notch and just a one man show so im sure he can fit you in! 6208910021 one of the few times in life saying pete sent you should help HA
  12. Costco/open carry/illegal /dirt people

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks this way! Don't forget they suck up resources in the school system too. I've been saying for years, illegals and muslims are the biggest threats to the American way of life. I won't have that on my watch! Pete
  13. Mossberg .410 shockwave grip

    Fyi. Shockwave that makes the brace is making these grips. I think they had .410, 20, and 12. With shipping it was 28 bucks and change. Pete
  14. I already own a Mossberg .410 and was going to make a raptor grip then saw they were making them. I emailed Mossberg and they said they weren't selling just the grip and to look to the aftermarket... I've already looked there! Any chance anybody in sturm land knows where a guy could get one? Thanks Pete