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  1. Three 22 Rifles from Romania, China and Russia

    I will take the Chinese made per my last email
  2. How much to offer for a Collection

    I agree with both. I've bought a few people out over the years. Normally they are desperate or indifferent so the prices have always been good. If it's somebody i know I try to give a little more but I'm not a charity so I make sure I can make money!
  3. Best Christmas Present for me..ever

    Crayola's for everybody! That's great news, glad we have young men still willing to fight for our freedom!
  4. You're giving up all your toys??? Did you hit your head sir?! P.s. I got your reply message
  5. Silencerco ASR Flash Hider - 556

    I'll take this, please send payment info to Thanks Pete
  6. Anybody got a Daewoo K2?

    They are sweet shooting guns for sure. I have a buddy with a pile of them and has shot the snot of a couple and to my knowledge hasn't broken anything. I don't know about the lot of parts. My buddy is a gunsmith and fit an A.R.M.S rail to his carry k1 and let me tell you, it's BEAUTIFUL! Good luck
  7. TNW 50 semi quality

    TNW is pretty shitty from what i've experienced, but that was 10 years ago and not the m2s.
  8. HMG has been pimping one for a couple years, last I knew they were in production. Haven't checked in a while but also haven't seen anything pop up like you would expect if it happened. Forgotten weapons on YouTube did a couple videos on it and I know they've been shown at SHOT show.
  9. WTS: MP40 leather mag pouch $35

    Any luck on other pouches?
  10. WTS: MP40 leather mag pouch $35

    I guess that answers my asked to late question, will grease gun mags fit in this?
  11. Swedish Navy Submachinegun Deployment Bag

    Put me down as a back up buyer
  12. What If?

    Well said thumpy, you've come along nicely in a very short time!
  13. Looks like were movin' to Maine

    Wow! That place is killer! Good for you sir. If you need a live in grounds keeper/deer hunter/handy man I happen to know a guy
  14. Withdrawn

    I had one years ago, definitely not fun to shoot but cool none the less! Pretty smart way to put it to the man after the open bolt ban if you ask me.
  15. Gunsmithing question

    Depending on what gun anybody with a mill or lathe should be able to install a tungsten insert to simply make the bolt heavier. I'm sure it would take some tuning but I don't know why that wouldn't work. Adjustments to spring weight might be easier though.