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  1. Mac 10 9mm

  2. Mac 10 9mm

    Transferable Mac10 9mm RPB. Has AR stock adapter. Asking $7350 on form 3 efile. Feel free to text 502-541-3919 David Huff
  3. Fostech Echo 2 trigger. Safe semi and echo. Echo is pull the trigger it fires, release the trigger it fires again. Like a 2 round burst. No proprietary bolt carrier needed. Not NFA. No stamp. No tax. No license. Asking $425 each plus shipping. Feel free to text 502-541-3919 David
  4. 556 suppressors $325

    Use them for a 22 can. Small and cheap!
  5. New SWD M11A1 $7450

    all sold
  6. Browning 1917A1 watercooled 19500

    I would take less if I keep all accessories
  7. Transferable M2HB C&R $30k

    I would have loved to have sold it to you Ron but I just got a deposit on it.
  8. I have a gemtech mist integral suppressed barrel for a take down 10/22. It’s on a form 3. I’ve shot probably a few hundred rounds out of it. Stock photo. Asking 400 plus shipping. Text me 502-541-3919 David
  9. 556 suppressors $325

    Mag Tactical Micro Elite SS 556 stainless steel cans NOS police trade ins on form 3, I eform. Asking $325 each. I have 2 left. I have a demo can that works great on my P90. Text me 502-541-3919 David
  10. Transferable M2HB C&R $30k

    Price lowered to 30k
  11. New SWD M11A1 $7450

    Only 1 left
  12. Transferable M2HB C&R $30k

    Still looking to re-home this awesome machine
  13. New SWD M11A1 $7450

    Only a couple left
  14. New SWD M11A1 $7450

    New SWD M11A1 $7450 on form 3 feel free to text 502-541-3919 David
  15. Mac 10 9mm Lage Max31