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  1. Bluetooth 50cal can speaker Thodio

    Make sure to use the link I posted. Thank you!
  2. DH Machine Guns is now an affiliate of Thodio wireless speakers. The worlds coolest Bluetooth speaker. This is not just a surplus 50 cal can with some speakers in it. It’s a 200 watt amplifier. They are built with the best components money can buy. They have Kevlar speakers, and an optional 72hour battery life. Optional built in WiFi, Bluetooth, aux input, usb charger, and can be used as a guitar amplifier. These things will crank! They have the best sound quality available.
  3. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    Yes I have a few more left
  4. FN M249 Saw barrels. Paratrooper and long barrels. 11 paratrooper barrels. Complete with gas block, front sight, carry handle and flash hider. 5 long barrels. Complete with gas block, front sight, carry handle, and flash hider. 10 heat shields for barrels. All look to be in good shape. Have been shot but still very shootable mil surp. Asking $1400 for the lot. Thats $75 per barrel and $20 per heat shield. I prefer PayPal pick up on the way to Knob creek or buyer to pay shipping.
  5. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    I have another one
  6. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

  7. The latest edition of technical manual for a m134 minigun. October 2005 edition. Over 500 pages split into 2 spiral bound books with clear protective cover and black back protective cover. Tons of pictures. Covers Dillon and GE miniguns maintenance, repair parts, and special tools. $200. PayPal friends and family. Free shipping
  8. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Still available
  9. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    No sight with it. There is a sight available but I don’t have one. I could probably find one. I don’t think it’s Necessary
  10. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

  11. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    I am not a dd dealer, this is the secound one I’ve done with in the last 6 months
  12. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    US M5 60mm Mortar Made in 1945 This is a fully transferable, civilian legal, registered Destructive Device On a Form 3 ready to transfer. E-file. Ky residents file a Form 4 and pay $200 tax stamp. All other states that allow NFA will need to have it shipped to a dealer in your state tax free. Then file a form 4 and pay $200 tax stamp. Just like a suppressor/silencer or machine gun. I use ATF E-file to transfer to your local dealer. So it shouldn’t take more then a week or so for your dealer to have it. Comes with 2 complete 60mm practice rounds. And another that’s missing a tail. These rounds weigh about 5 pounds each. With a full lifting charge and the correct angle, they can be propelled 3/4 of a mile. You can use a modified 20ga shotgun shell as a lifting charge. This was a dewat Mortar that has been reactivated. Fully functional - Live fire. Form 3 model is listed as M2. Reactivation manufacture is discretely engraved on the receiver cup along with the model and serial number. Price is $4950. Plus shipping Ky residents pay 6% sales tax. feel free to text 502-541-3919
  13. Trades considered. OBO
  14. Desert Eagle pistol in 50ae, 44mag, and 357mag, with one mag for each caliber. Currently has 50ae barrel. Change the barrel and mag to 44mag. Change barrel mag and bolt to convert to 357mag. Custom distressed American flag ceracote. All barrels match. This is a made in the USA version with integrated muzzle brake in all 3 barrels. The brake really makes shooting the 50ae nicer. Asking $2500 for the set. Feel free to text me 502-541-4919