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  1. All sold, will mark sold when I get to a desk top, can’t do it on my phone. M249 SAW barrels. 15 complete short barrels, 2 short barrels missing carry handles, 1 short missing a muzzle brake, and 1 long barrel w/adjustable gas missing a carry handle. Total of 20 barrels. All used military barrels. Would like to sell all. Text David Huff 502-541-3919 DH Machine Guns
  2. Minigun parts

    Traded them off
  3. Minigun parts

    M134 minigun parts
  4. 60mm Mortar DD on form3 efile reduced $SOLD

  5. Smg 22 belt fed full auto pellet gun $SOLD

    reduced to $SOLD
  6. Sig 551 short barrel $sold for pair

    reduced to $sold for both
  7. 60mm Mortar DD on form3 efile reduced $SOLD

    can get more rounds if you want more
  8. M2HB cut-a-way 50BMG

    Cut-a-way made from a real gun. No good parts, everything is cut and cuts painted red. Plaque says M2HB but it actually light aircraft barrel. Asking $1000 plus shipping or pick it up at Knob Creek fall shoot 2018. Text me 502-541-3919
  9. MK93 Mount $750 plus shipping or pick up at Knob Creek.
  10. $sold for both plus shipping. Text me 502-541-3919
  11. M3A1 grease gun

    Valkyrie Arms M3A1 “grease” semi auto. Comes with sling, 4 mags, mag pouch, carbine barrel, plugged display barrel (currently on it) and short barrel. Stock does not collapse. $1800. Text me 502-541-3919
  12. Belt fed 22 caliber full auto pellet gun. Extra belts, air tank, drum, over 2000 pellets, and belt loaders. SMG22 by Air Ordnance $Sold plus shipping. Text me 502-541-3919
  13. 1919 w/tripod

    Semi auto. 2400 with the tripod t&e and pintle. 3k with the armor shield. Text me 502-541-3919