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  1. Dillon Aero Ammo Can made for m240 mount $850 shipped
  2. This is a m249 saw barrel chambered in 300blk out. This will allow you suppress sub sonic ammo in a belt fed. The patented design was built by Machine Gun Armory. It was featured in Special weapons magazine. Barrel is threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle brake or suppressor adapter. $2500 shipped
  3. No Law Letter post samples

    A few left. Lower prices. (417)850-1649
  4. No Law Letter post samples

    Franks midwest tactical is taking care of the sale
  5. No Law Letter post samples

    My collection of post 1986, dealer sample, machine guns are for sale. Please click link below. They will be transferred to 07 dealers with NO LAW LETTER. More will be listed later.
  6. M134 minigun parts

  7. M134 minigun parts

  8. M134 minigun parts

    all parts sold
  9. Bluetooth 50cal can speaker Thodio

    Make sure to use the link I posted. Thank you!
  10. DH Machine Guns is now an affiliate of Thodio wireless speakers. The worlds coolest Bluetooth speaker. This is not just a surplus 50 cal can with some speakers in it. It’s a 200 watt amplifier. They are built with the best components money can buy. They have Kevlar speakers, and an optional 72hour battery life. Optional built in WiFi, Bluetooth, aux input, usb charger, and can be used as a guitar amplifier. These things will crank! They have the best sound quality available.
  11. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    Yes I have a few more left
  12. FN M249 Saw barrels. Paratrooper and long barrels. 11 paratrooper barrels. Complete with gas block, front sight, carry handle and flash hider. 5 long barrels. Complete with gas block, front sight, carry handle, and flash hider. 10 heat shields for barrels. All look to be in good shape. Have been shot but still very shootable mil surp. Asking $1400 for the lot. Thats $75 per barrel and $20 per heat shield. I prefer PayPal pick up on the way to Knob creek or buyer to pay shipping.
  13. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    I have another one
  14. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

  15. The latest edition of technical manual for a m134 minigun. October 2005 edition. Over 500 pages split into 2 spiral bound books with clear protective cover and black back protective cover. Tons of pictures. Covers Dillon and GE miniguns maintenance, repair parts, and special tools. $200. PayPal friends and family. Free shipping