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  1. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

    What’s your number I’ll give you a call today
  2. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

    Text me 502-541-3919
  3. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

    Finish is worn off of bolt and the part of the receiver where the op-rpd rides. The barrel looks good. I tried to take a pic of rifling but did not come out very good. It’s does have good rifling.
  4. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

  5. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

    It’s not C&R. Probably a conversion. It looks like the receiver says M1 with a 2 stamped over the one. Comes as shown with 2 mags. I can get more pics.
  6. M2 Carbine paratrooper $8500 transferable

  7. Price lowered
  8. Transferable Plainfield M2 carbine. Full auto, paratrooper stock. On form 3 ready to go, I e-file for fast transaction. Asking $8500. Trades concidered. Feel free to text 502-541-3919 David Huff. Theses are still going up, get it before they go higher. They definitely have not topped out yet.
  9. Blank

    Remove please
  10. Blank

  11. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    I believe it is c&r. Form 4 says the manufacturer is spandu armory Germany
  12. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Yes will sell belt loader separate
  13. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    10k without 308 conversion. Will not sell separate
  14. MG08/15 in 308 or 8mm

    Transferable MG08/15. Runs good in 308! And 8mm. Ready to run, needs nothing. Comes with sling, drum, and belts. It on a form 4 in Alabama. I’m consigning it for the seller. Asking $13000. Text me 502-541-3919 David. German belt loader available for an extra $1200.
  15. Browning belt filling machine model of 1918. Come with box and chute, lots of brass. Made in 1943. Asking 1000. Text me 502-541-3919