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  1. Sorry it won't, it only fits factory stamped receivers with the side folding stock trunnions or aftermarket milled receivers like ones from Firing Line that are machined to accept side folding stocks.
  2. Arsenal USA all U.S. made black polymer Warsaw pact length set, take off from a new rifle. $60.00 Postal money orders only, will not separate, no trades.
  3. Arsenal USA U.S. made black polymer AK side folding stock set, take off from a new rifle. Side folding stock and pistol grip are U.S. made by Arsenal USA. The upper and lower handguard are made by Arsenal of Bulgaria. $140.00 Postal money orders only, no exceptions, will not separate, no trades.
  4. Appreciate the offer, but no thank you. They are priced fairly at $600.00 for the set. If the owner wishes to lower the price at a later time, which he currently does not wish to do so at this time, I'll make the appropriate change in the post. Until then, they will remain at the listed price. Thank you
  5. Five excellent condition Chinese Norinco Bakelite 30rnd AK magazines with five cell Chinese mag pouch. Selling for a friend. $600.00 U.S. Postal money orders only, no exceptions, no trades, will not separate.
  6. NOS Chinese Type 56 AK underfolder wood stock set (orange lacquer finish). These are factory originals and in perfect shape (not refinished), as you can see. Selling for a friend. $100.00 U.S. Postal money orders only, no exceptions, no trades.
  7. Looking for a new to very good condition "MILLED" semi auto AK-47 (7.62x39mm) receiver. Prefer Arsenal either Bulgarian or US made, but will consider Firing Line, CNC warrior, or Ohio Rapid Fire. Let me know what you have. Please don't waste your time or mine with $1000.00 receivers as new Arsenal of Bulgaria complete milled rifles are $1100.00 dealer cost brand new. Thanks, Zach
  8. I have two factory Steyr AUG rails available for sale. Both were pulled from brand new rifles and replaced with a different rail variant. The first is the Steyr AUG A3 low long rail with swivel attached (see pic), this will not fit any other AUG except the factory A3 model. The other is for the Steyr AUG A3 M1, factory short rail for smaller red dot type optics (see pic). Again it will not fit any other model except the A3 M1. The rails are $75.00 each, plus actual priority mail shipping. That's about half the cost of what you would pay from Steyr or Steyr PJS. Both are in excellent or like new shape and include the factory mounting screws. U.S. Postal money orders only. Zach
  9. I have very nice demilled Hungarian AK-47 all matching fixed stock milled receiver set with the original barrel.
  10. WTB Aug A2/USR top rail

    Sorry I don't. I left you a voicemail on your telephone relating that I only accept U.S. Postal money orders. Please let me know. Thanks, Zach