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  1. WTB: Colt 604 M16 Upper

    Message with photos sent.
  2. Mac 10/9 magazine springs

    Hello, Can anyone refer me to a place where I can get at least one replacement magazine spring for a Mac 10/9? Thanks
  3. WTB Your MG Machine Gun Parts Kits

    PM sent.
  4. WTB- NOS MAC-10 magazine springs

    WTB- NOS replacement magazine springs for 36 round MAC-10 9mm factory magazines. Two springs are needed; thanks!
  5. M1A1 Thompson kit with cut receiver

    Brian, I threw that out once I decided I was not interested further. If I had it though, I would be glad to pass it on.
  6. M1A1 Thompson kit with cut receiver

    Thanks very much for your response mike todd! I appreciate knowing what you wrote. Combined with what I found out earlier on my own and what you wrote in your response, I won't be taking a second look at that receiver and parts kit after all.
  7. M1A1 Thompson kit with cut receiver

    Since posting, I found the answer to my own question. No replies needed, thanks.
  8. I came across a complete M1A1 Thompson kit that includes cut receiver halves. Searching on line, I have read and seen photos describing the build process where these kits have been made in to semi-auto only NFA Short Barreled Rifles. I also found commentary that said rewelded demilled receivers were legal in the past, but BATFE changed their stance on this. I went to the BATFE website to see if Q&A existed about this, but found nothing there on the topic. Insight welcome and appreciated, thanks.
  9. WTB- Eddystone manufacturing Pattern 14 barrel. This is no longer needed. Thanks!
  10. WTB: Colt M16A2 NIB w/ black finish

    This one is not mine, but I saw the WTS ad on another forum:
  11. WTB: K43 Original Magazine

    Here's one for sale on another site:
  12. WTB- RIA 1903 barrel

    Still looking. Anyone know of any hole in the wall type places or obscure shops that might have what I'm looking for?
  13. WTB- RIA 1903 barrel

    WTB- USGI Rock Island Arsenal 1903 Springfield barrel dated 6-18 or 7-18 with respectable muzzle erosion and throat erosion readings and VG rifling.