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  1. New in the bag PKM barrel $900.00 shipped in CONUS.
  2. WTS Various EOTechs

    May be open to trades, silver, gold, etc.
  3. Ron, I guess i'm not tracking still on how to make my WTS line bold, I've tried using the bold "B" and it only works in the text. Thanks for the help. Mike
  4. Well that was it, I have no idea how a watermark got applied except for an extreem case of operator error. Thank you very much for your help. Now I just have to work out a couple more malfunctions and I'll be good to go. Thanks again. Mike
  5. I have 720 rounds of pink marker training projectiles and 435 of the yellow marker training projectiles for the FN 303 less lethal launcher. 1 tube or so of each was used in an LE demo is why two of the boxes aren't complete. Contact me for better pictures or more information. I will consider trades also.
  6. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, this is what I get on all of my pics and I do not know where it is comming from. The crossed swords over lay on all of my pictures I try to post.
  7. When ever I try to post a pic, it gets an over lay of the crossed swords in Baghdad, I do not have the crossed swords pic on my kindle. Anyone know why this happens.
  8. I have 5 gold plated AK magazines and 1 Nickel silver AK magazine. $275.00 shipped in CONUS. I can email pictures, everytime I try to post pics here I get the crossed swords in Baghdad. Can someone give me a tip on what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  9. I have two MK48 Titanium bipods, one is new, the second is used but in very good shape, it is missing the E clip. $800.00 for both includes shipping the US. I may consider trades. I have pictures but can't attach them here for some reason
  10. WTS Various EOTechs

    price drop...
  11. (2) XPS2-0 $435.00 (1) 517.A65 side button $410.00 (1) G33.STS blk $460.00 (2) 512.A65 $360.00 All sites are new in the box and include shipping in the US.