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  1. browning machine gun parts

    definitely an m37 backplate. send usps money order for $85 to: darwin edwards, 1326 leighton circle, louisville, ky. 40222
  2. .30 anm2 parts -top cover, stripped $185 -bolt, stripped $185 -barrel extension, stripped $185 -lock frame, stripped $140 -sear $20 -safety wire pliers, also for m2hb $20 m37 -drive spring assembly $95 -barrel extension, stripped $50 -barrel booster removal tool, also for 1919 $15 -backplate assembly, complete $75 m2hb -sideplate solenoid, latest military design, 24v $175 add $10 shipping for each item
  3. department of energy 9mm submachine gun upper built with reproduction barrel, forearm, and front sight assembly. includes a correct and original colt a1 9mm upper receiver-small front pivot hole, sear cut, and large rear sight aperture marked 50M (meters). test fired on a colt m16a2 lower 50 rounds with 100% function on both semi auto and full auto. bolt and charging handle not included. $1595 plus $20 shipping.
  4. for 54r vickers barrels consider buying maxim Finnish barrels from IMA. bob naess can convert them to the vickers. thats what i have done. darwin edwards
  5. WTB: Sig STGW 57/PE-57 Parts kit

    i have a pe-57 parts kit minus the barrel and minus the bolt rollers. $750 shipping included. darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  6. .55 Boyes Anti-tank rifle parts / ammunition

    hello i have a tripod adapter for browning .30 and .50 caliber tripods. replaces bipod. can send photo. $150 shipping included. darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  7. Colt A1 9mm upper receiver.

    must have rear sight included. darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  8. darwinkedwards@yahoo.com or 502-426-1580.
  9. Maxim Snowcap

    i want this gun. please call me at 502-426-1580 to discuss or email me at darwinkedwards@yahoo.com. thanks darwin edwards
  10. owned since 2002. a 100% shooter in my experience. includes 4-30 rd. mags. on a form 4. price plus the $200 tax stamp and plus $80 shipping. photos on request. contact darwinkedwards@yahoo.com or 502-426-1580.
  11. COLT PYTHON $2950

    WTS:COLT PYTHON, 6 inch barrel royal blue. i am the original owner and this gun is in like new condition having had less than 100 rds. through it. no box. photos by request. darwinkedwards @yahoo.com or 502-426-1580.
  12. $200 tax stamp and $75 shipping. includes 4-30 rd. mags. and 1-50 rd. drum in pouch. photos on request. contact:darwinkedwards@yahoo.com or 502-426-1580.
  13. shipping. 5 volume set, reprints in like new condition.