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  1. have all parts for reproduction DOE submachine gun except for barrel. i can help with source for barrel. has original and correct colt a1 9mm upper. $800 plus $30 shipping. photos by email-darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  2. WTB C&R MG08-15

    have a c & r buffalo arms amn2 to sell. $25,000. can set it up in .308 or 30-06, will include a second barrel in your choice of caliber and links. extra bolt, lock frame. barrel extension, and top cover. buyer responsible for tax and shipping. all funds up front. darwin edwards 502-426-1580 darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  3. WTB: M142 CRADLE FOR M60.

    must have ammo can holder included. pintle size doesn't matter. respond to darwinkedwards@yahoo.com thank you
  4. browning machine gun parts

    hi jeff all parts are still available. send me a usps money order or bank check for $715. i will pay shipping. i also have a .308 barrel available for $275. i have specially parts available. for descriptson call me at 502-426-1580. mail to: darwin edwards 1326 leighton circle louisville, ky. 40222-5653 thanks, darwin
  5. sir please email photos of the aug. i need to know the length of the barrel, color of the stock, etc. thanks darwinkedwards@yahoo.com
  6. can't send photo to strum. can send photo to your email. darwin
  7. each can holds 200 rds. of linked ammo. condition is good with only some cosmetic wear. 30-06 will not fit in these cans. each can $8.00 plus actual shipping. minimal order 3 cans.
  8. $1350 plus shipping is the best i can do. d edwards
  9. browning machine gun parts

    definitely an m37 backplate. send usps money order for $85 to: darwin edwards, 1326 leighton circle, louisville, ky. 40222
  10. .30 anm2 parts -top cover, stripped $185 -bolt, stripped $185 -barrel extension, stripped $185 -lock frame, stripped $140 -sear $20 -safety wire pliers, also for m2hb $20 m37 -drive spring assembly $95 -barrel extension, stripped $50 -barrel booster removal tool, also for 1919 $15 -backplate assembly, complete $75 m2hb -sideplate solenoid, latest military design, 24v $175 add $10 shipping for each item