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  1. Original Cobray .45 suppressor for MAC-10?

    They come up for sale from time to time. Just keep an eye on GB and some of the bigger dealers that get them in on package deals. They used to be dirt cheap, but with the rising popularity of the Mac platform they’re starting to get collectible in they’re own right. These days they appear to get $300 to $600 out of them pretty easy. They sell pretty quick in the 3ish range, $5-600 will sit for quite awhile. Mines s/n matched to my gun and is priceless to me.
  2. WTS Vector Uzi Form 4 PA 9mm,.45acp,.22LR

    Damn, that’s neat. I’ve seen plenty of Macs converted to uzi grip, but that’s the first Uzi to Mac grip conversion I’ve ever seen. Cool idea actually.
  3. M134 Mini Gun Build - Lots of Photos

    /drool. ...looks great! Seeing it like that it looks more like an automatic transmission then a gun. LoL
  4. Any one have a original m10 surpressor?

    Shit... I’m sorry. I forgot all about this, and am out of town now. I’ll try to dig it out on Monday here if someone else doesn’t chime in first.
  5. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    You got great answers. Personally I would add I think $11k is high for a reg. bolt gun. In the past two weeks I’ve seen a reg bolt (bolt only) sell for $8.5k, and what looked like a great running Imi host bolt gun sell on here for less then 10. Uzi prices seem to have been falling for the last year. Have you given any thought to the Macs? You’ll save several thousand dollars and w all the aftermarkets, it’ll be almost anything you want it to be. The reising that mike mentioned is a great piece too, and historic, although not quite as versatile. That said, I get get your Uzi lust. I plan on getting one too eventually.
  6. Any one have a original m10 surpressor?

    Ya... I got one at home. I’ll give ya some measurements when I get home unless someone beats me to it first.
  7. REDUCED* Transferable UZI 9mm $9700

    45 bolt?
  8. Any word on the Form-4 e-file?

    Yeah, I did the same via email, but then again, they almost assuredly wouldn’t tell us anyway even if they had one, which I’m sure they do. A) because they hate us, and B) because they’re the govt and they do as they please for the most part.
  9. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    I’ve got this project planned for myself as well. I’m not real clear on how to build the propellant charges. Any advice or reading material you could provide? I’d L-O-V-E, to not blow myself up =D
  10. WTS: Colt SMG 9mm Parts Kit $750

    PM sent.