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  1. I've used some S&B in other calibers. Current commercial production stuff. Shot some .45 and 9mm in subguns, some 30-06 in rifles. All shot fine. Haven't tried any 8mm or other big calibers in any belt feds.
  2. I have been looking at the BRP conversion kit too. Almost pulled the trigger this week, but do have some concern about reliability (as mentioned here and elsewhere) and also the current availability of 308/7.62 is pretty dismal. So planning on tinkering with getting it running well on better 8mm and then reconsidering trying a 308 kit. I'm thinking some years down the road, 308 will maybe be the only option. Unless the Russian Wolf/Tulammo/Bear start making 8mm.
  3. Agreeing with the comments already made about these guns being too valuable to risk on some of the suspect old surplus ammo, I've looked into some of the other options. Looking at the ballistics on current commercial PPU 8mm - 198 gr only 2180 fps. Yikes, that is weak, matching the notes above. Anyone tried it? Is that enough muzzle energy to consistently cycle a 34?
  4. That's what I was thinking/hoping. Thanks!
  5. Anyone know the screw size/thread pitch for the ejector plate screws offhand? Saw a pair sell on gunbroker for $298 w/ 11 bids. Thinking I might give McMaster Carr a try...
  6. WTB Lafette MG34 and part

    For reference - I've watched a few orig MG34 Lafette mounts on Gunbroker over the last few months. A nice reconditioned one sold for $6700 a couple months ago. There's a 1936 green repaint listed now for $6500. A 1939 Switz with a few coats of paint didn't sell about a week ago at $4000. I haven't seen that one relisted yet.
  7. As a data point: Tried 1953 dated Yugo a couple weeks ago in an MG34. About every 3rd or 4th round failed to fire. Solid primer strikes. Tried 3 different bolts. Ran thru about 150 rds and gave up for the day. No case ruptures, as I had read about. I had some old Chinese and Egyptian 8mm that all went bang. Planning to buy some new firing pin springs and will give it another shot...
  8. C&R NFA Transfer - Individual to C&R 03

    Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify - transfer would be going from an individual or trust (does that makes a difference?) to an out of state C&R. Not transferring to a trust.
  9. Anyone have approval or delay issues with transferring a C&R NFA weapon (assuming is it a legit/confirmed C&R) from an individual owner to an out of state C&R licensed collector on a Form 4? I have only previously transferred from FFL/SOT to a C&R, but believe that a C&R gun can go directly from an individual or trust to a C&R 03 FFL. My first call to the NFA branch did not get my question confirmed, but it seems pretty clear in the NFA Handbook: 10.2.2 Receipt of NFA curios or relics by a licensed collector. A licensed collector may receive an NFA curio or relic firearm directly from any person in any State. Such receipt requires an approved Form 4 (or in the case of an unserviceable firearm, an approved Form 5) with law enforcement certification and fingerprint cards. I would appreciate any insight or comments on experiences. Thanks
  10. Thought it was supposed to be 1 July 16, but shows as a "draft" with no revision date on the ATF website.