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  1. C&R NFA Transfer - Individual to C&R 03

    Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify - transfer would be going from an individual or trust (does that makes a difference?) to an out of state C&R. Not transferring to a trust.
  2. Anyone have approval or delay issues with transferring a C&R NFA weapon (assuming is it a legit/confirmed C&R) from an individual owner to an out of state C&R licensed collector on a Form 4? I have only previously transferred from FFL/SOT to a C&R, but believe that a C&R gun can go directly from an individual or trust to a C&R 03 FFL. My first call to the NFA branch did not get my question confirmed, but it seems pretty clear in the NFA Handbook: 10.2.2 Receipt of NFA curios or relics by a licensed collector. A licensed collector may receive an NFA curio or relic firearm directly from any person in any State. Such receipt requires an approved Form 4 (or in the case of an unserviceable firearm, an approved Form 5) with law enforcement certification and fingerprint cards. I would appreciate any insight or comments on experiences. Thanks
  3. Thought it was supposed to be 1 July 16, but shows as a "draft" with no revision date on the ATF website.