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  1. WTB: Hk416 PDW Stock Assembly type 2

    Still need one. Let me know.
  2. WTS: Used Benelli 14in barrel $249

    What model # is this barrel for?
  3. Looking for a complete type 2 HK 416 Pdw stock assembly. Let me know what you got. Thanks,Doug
  4. WTS: MGA MK-46 Beltfed SAW $5500

    Posted above questions here because I have emailed you few times without response.
  5. WTS: MGA MK-46 Beltfed SAW $5500

    Does this have the newer style pack with the g3 hammer or the old one with the long custom hammer? Does is have a full auto closed bolt carrier? Thanks
  6. WTS HkG36 Barrel removal Tools

    Email sent. I will take them if still available.