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  1. NIB Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Win 10.3" AR-10 Pistol, Black - STV9103308B
  2. WTS; IMI UZI 9mm Mint in box (pre Sample

    PM sent.
  3. 1000 rounds Portuguese 7.62x51

    I'll take it!
  4. WTS: Kriss Vector Gen 1 SBR $1200

  5. WTS: 10" Mossberg AOW 20 gauge $795

  6. WTS: Excellent condition Springfield Armory model SAR-8. This is a clone of the Heckler & Koch G3 or 91. It was manufactured in Greece by EBO (Hellenic Arms Industry), under license of HK. The parts are interchangeable with HK91s. Very low round count. Comes with 5-round magazine. $1550 plus shipping.
  7. WTS: NIB Colt AR6721

    WTS: NIB Colt AR6721. Sold.
  8. WTB: FNC Sear

    BTT. Still looking.
  9. WTS: South African Battle Packs .223

    All sold.
  10. 2400 rounds of IMI made M855 62 grain ammo. Excellent surplus ammo. $1350 plus shipping. Preferred payment discreet PayPal F&F, Venmo or Zelle.
  11. 200 RDS - Portuguese (BF)- 7.62x51mm NATO - M963 - FMJ - Sealed Battle Packs. $150 each plus shipping. Preferred payment Discreet PP F&F, Zelle or Venmo.
  12. WTS: South African Battle Packs .223

    Updated price.
  13. WTS: South African Battle Packs .223

    South African Battle Packs .308 SOLD South African Battle Packs .223 SOLD
  14. 400 Rounds (2) Battle Packs of 7.62x51 145 gr Prvi Partizan .308 ammo. PPU 5.56mm (.223) 62gr FMJ Green Tip ammo from the Prvi Partizan Arsenal. Made with the military pattern M855 62gr FMJ bullet (SS109 pattern), it comes packed in 20rd boxes inside a a heavy duty green vinyl battle pack, perfect for air and water tight storage. Non corrosive, with clean, boxer primed, annealed brass case. $250 plus shipping. I can accept discreet PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or USPS PMO's.