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  1. WTS: RM-38 & RM-39 50mm Mortars $2600 OBO

    Pictures would help.
  2. Transferables & New Pricing on Pre86DSs

    Pm sent
  3. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

    Who did the builds?
  4. Very nice, wish I wasn’t still paying off an MP-40
  5. I know this is an old post but will you be bringing any more next week to Knob Creek?
  6. WTS: Colt M16A1 $22,500

    Still available?
  7. Hi, do you have any documents regards to the rulings? I am in a similar situation and would love to be able to find what you are referring to. Thanks
  8. WTS: HK MP5 “F” French Model Reg. Rec. by HTA

    Hello, still available? How can I contact you to discuss? Duane