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  1. Which to use with my Reg Trigger Pack- Omega or Zenith

    PTR can give you great prices on shelfed lower guns and you can upgrade to a full auto carrier too. I also have a trigger pack in a SW89k that eats any ammo you feed it, very happy with that gun.
  2. We're an 07/02 and just got an email from Cheryl Abernathy, email address offering suspiciously low prices. For those that don't know this is a scam someone has been running for a few years now. They'll even send someone else's FFL/SOT on request. Make sure you don't get scammed! Your friendly neighborhood arms dealer
  3. WTS: Mossberg and Remington Short Barrel Shotguns

    ill take 2 590s if still available, message inbound
  4. M16's SOT Going out of business no LEO letters needed

    I'll take a bare/stripped, will reach out tomorrow to arrange payment.