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  1. SOLD: Drop in Auto Sear M16 RDIAS and SWD M11

    PM sent
  2. WTS: Lage MAX-31A mk2 Upper Receiver

    The upper does not support the Soumi 36rd mags. However there are 30 round stick mags new manufacture by Shockwave (Zmag-S). Great product, makes the .380 buzz guns into a great sub-gun.
  3. A+ feedback for user www.stg44.eu

    I too had a excellent experience buying coffin mags with pouch from Darek.
  4. three pack transaction went flawlessly. A+ seller
  5. WTS: Michael's Machines MM23E ($ reduced)

    Are any options included with this gun? Extra barrel, scope rails, belt box, yada yada?
  6. WTS: HK MP5 - Qualified / Vollmer Transferable

    email inquiry sent