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  1. WTB: Transferable Galil

    Any interest in a Galil SBR SAR 100% IMI? 12 new magazines, IDF sling. $3200.00
  2. the Russian Spetsnaz battle knife/gun

    The sound suppression of the NRS-2 is by way of the special cartridge, which is used in certain handguns as well. The knife's barrel is just a short barrel. It is awkward to fire and meant for sentry or dog elimination. But effective range is about 7 yards. I have fired one a few times years ago and don't know of any in private hands.
  3. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    You're welcome. Nice looking units. Good luck with your sales.
  4. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    Tracked vehicles are street legal in certain states. Texas, Kentucky, Kansas for example. But as stated, these are considerably oversized so these would not.