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  1. hkg3k, thank you for your response. 

    The gun I purchased is an RR. I plan on checking out which parts appear stock when I get it in my possession and I will buy what spares I can find.  I have a mill, lathe and Tig welder so even if the parts I find are close but not exact I can make it work.  

    I did see the black dog mags already and plan on getting a few.  Do they feed reliably for you?

    I bought this gun because I was looking for a dedicated 22 MG and for the price I couldn't pass it up.  Paid about a quarter of what a Norrell 10/22 would have cost.  

  2. Charlie,  I will keep you in mind for the parts and any future questions I have once I get the gun in my possession.  I talked to you a few years ago at Oaks about those PPS50 s and MGs in general too.  Don't think I will be at KC, but am out your way frequently as my parents live about 20 min from your place.  

  3. 5 hours ago, Shattered said:

    I had one, tuned up by Stan Andrewski. Like most 22 sub guns, they ran too fast and were subject to some bolt bounce. If the sidewall of the 22 blew, it would cause a stoppage that was easily cleared. They needed to be slowed down and Charlie Logan had some that ran slower. No idea if he has any left, this conversation was perhaps a decade ago.

    Thanks for the reply.  

    Do you know if any of the current semi auto reproductions share any parts with the original? 

  4. I looking for any information regarding the Bingham PPS-50 machine guns. I recently bought a single stamp integrally suppressed one and have not been able to find any real information on them. Any info on the guns would be greatly appreciated (Production Numbers, Price, etc...)

    Also, if anyone has any experience with one I would like to hear about that as well.



  5. 17 minutes ago, CircularSquare88 said:

    That’s kinda cool, but something tells me the legalities of it aren’t so cool...

    Looks to me like it is just a 10/22 inside of gutted and non functioning M249.  I am going to assume that just about everything inside of that had to be removed to get the 10/22 to fit.    Not sure what would make any part of that illegal.  Maybe I am missing something wrong that you can see.  If so please point it out so I can learn from it.    GLWS

  6. I am looking for a 22 converison for my m11/9. I am mainly interested in Lage conversion for the stock upper, but would buy any of their other conversions as well as the Fleming kits.

    Let me know what you have how much you are looking to get for it.  



  7. I am looking for an M11/9 preferably on a form 3 or a form 4 in PA.  I would consider a form 4 from other states only if it is a really good deal.  

    I am also looking for a Max-31 mk2 upper and 22 conversions.  Some sort of package deal would be great.

    Let me know what you have.