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  1. WTS: Transferable M60

    Is this already sold??? Please PM me.
  2. Thanks Larry, just missed it.
  3. I am guessing for this price registered bolt? Please PM me.
  4. wGAHHW

    Hi do you have updated list? I am interested in the HK Sears and Ak. You can PM me also.
  5. I am interested too. PM me.
  6. WTS: Transferable M60

    Tried e-mail you couple days ago and did not get a reply. Please link videos and picture of the gun firing. Also picture of the top cover with caliber and manufacture. Also please let me know if serial number is below 299. Thank you.
  7. Looking to purchase m10/9, m10/45, m11/9, Uzi, Micro uzi, or Mini uzi. Yes, I know the price range are wide, but I know what I like. In state transfer form 4, I am doing a trust, 50/50 payment preferred. Need to complete transaction before 6/28/2016 before I leave the country.