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  1. Ya know, so many problems would be avoided by just communicating with others. The OP said this guy seemed to be deliberately ducking his messages and calls. Don't do to that. Everyone runs into problems once in a while, and most people are reasonable when it comes to them. Especially if you have a good reputation amongst the group members. Work something out. Come up with a payment plan. Establish a date when you will be able to pay. As long as you don't keep making excuses, a lot of people will be fine with that. Otherwise return the parts. But don't ignore the guy when he reaches out. Thats probably one of the worst things you can do and it will undoubtedly risk a reputation. -David
  2. Fraudulent messages? From who?
  3. Best First MG for Under 15k

    You know, a lot of people have been urging M-16 or AR-15, but if pre-samples are an option for you and you can find one, SAR-80 might not be a bad way to go. It's a lot like an AR-18 and under 10K usually. -David

    Mike, Thanks for sharing your wisdom all these years. We’re all behind you here. All the best! -David
  5. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    These days, you kind of take what you can get in a lot instances when it comes to 8mm. With some exceptions. Like Turkish. Never run Turkish in an MG. I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to convert your 34 to 308. That's a popular option for a lot of 42 owners/shooters, and one I probably need to more seriously consider for mine looking ahead. It looks like 34 folks do it too, but check with Mike Todd about something like that and take his word over mine. I know from reading Mike's posts that he loves the 34. -David
  6. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    Ryo, this is actually a succinct, user friendly reference, so appreciate you doing the research and sharing. I personally have been advised by several people to use the Romanian surplus, and I have done that with great results, though this has been in MG08/15 and MG42. I’d also be curious to hear what your conclusion is on Ecuadorian 8mm surplus. That comes up periodically as well. -David
  7. Hotchkiss Mark 1

    Well I went ahead and got the .303 parts after reading what you guys said. Everything seemed to fit into the 7mm marked received...up until I had to put the bolt/firing pin assembly in. Like you said, it fit just fine onto the oprod. But it barely gets onto those tracks on either side of the upper receiver and just stops moving. I tried putting it on upside down just to see if there was an issue with the tracks, and it seems to move in that orientation (though it stops for obvious reasons because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be inserted). Bad bolt? Should I try filing down the metal a bit? I don’t see any obvious spurs or other potential obstructions. I'll try adding image URLs if that helps clarify what I'm talking about.
  8. Hotchkiss Mark 1

    Greetings, I have little to no experience with these old guns, but my question to those of you who do is whether the calibers are interchangeable? Can you switch out parts for what was originally a 7mm so that it can fire .303 or 8mm for example? In other words, could you take a parts kit for one caliber and put it into a gun that is currently set up for another caliber? Thanks! -David
  9. Pre May Dealer Sample in an LLC with FFLSOT

    My wife and I decided to be 01/03s as an LLC. She’s also an attorney. What was said above is absolutely true. You can cease business as an FFl, but can continue to have the LLC recognized as an active, existing legal entity UNLESS you specifically designed the LLC as being for firearms. What most people do to get around that is define their LLC as existing for “any lawful purpose.” That way if you decide you no longer want to deal in firearms and you want to sell shoes instead, you don’t have to create a whole new LLC. But yes, your LLC can retain the dealer samples even after you give the FFL. -David
  10. I need a lawyer - please read and recommend

    Steve, First, the situation you are in really stinks. My wife and I are 01/03s, and you don’t magically have a pre-86 become transferable. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the government also failed you because they should have caught it when the transfer was processing. Be that as it may, here you are, and what to do? I talked to my wife about your post. In addition to loving firearms with me, she’s also an attorney. We’re going to differ with some of the others and say that you have a breach of contract issue as much as you have an NFA problem. From the NFA side, I’d be worried about being in possession of a dealer sample when you don’t have a SOT...or if you do now, it’s not registered appropriately to that SOT. But I think you can avoid a lot of that by the fact that you were 1) defrauded and 2) the ATF goofed and approved it. Nevertheless, it’s beat to get an NFA attorney and get them to help you work this out. You don’t want some overzealous agent of an LE agency trying to screw you over. As far as the fraud/breach of contract, we think you have two options. First, you can try to rescind the contract by claiming you were fraudulently induced to buy the gun or second, you can sue for breach of contract and sue for the difference between the value of the transferable gun you thought you were getting and the value of the dealer sample you actually have. An experienced contract law attorney should be able to help you with that. Depending on where you are, we might even be able to provide a referral. Hope this works out for you. I’m active duty Army myself with 3SFG out of Bragg. Always suck to hear about a brother getting screwed over. We work hard for the little bit of money we get as soldiers. -David
  11. Knob Creek April 2020 Show / Shoot

    There is no evidence that anything they are doing is working or will work. In S. Korea, who the authorities love to hold up as the model for combating the virus and for containment success, I can still go to a restaurant or a gym. Not so here. They use this phrase "abundance of caution" to try and outdo one another in supposed safety measures. At what point does the "cure" become worse than the disease? Short-term containments work. But they're talking about doing this for months? Insanity. Or a power grab. Or both.
  12. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    I also have a FFL/SOT (01/03) but decided to maintain my C&R, which I've had for years. It's $30, or $10 a year, so its cheap. The paperwork is no big deal either. ATF has never shown much of an interest in my C&R. I will say that some 01 FFLs refuse to recognize them. I remember seeing rifle I really wanted once in a store, I think it was a GEW 98, but the guy refused to accept my C&R, so don't be surprised if you occasionally run into that. After that, I made it a habit to ensure, as often as possible, that the seller would take a C&R, especially with GB/internet sales. All in all, however, I think it's a great tool for collectors. I even used it for a few NFA items. I bought my first SMG (a Reising M50) with my C&R. Also put my first mortar on it. I say get one for yourself and if you don't like it, don't use it, you're only out $30.
  13. 8mm machine gun ammo FedArm?

    What about the new Prvi Partizan 8mm? I don't have a 34, but I do have a 42 and it seems to do just fine in there. Otherwise, the age of good, cheap 8mm are over I think. I always heard the Portuguese stuff was good, but it's so hard to find anymore. I've had a few people try and gift me Turkish and Ethiopian 8mm, but no way that goes through my 42. -David
  14. Veterans Heritage Firearm Act

    Charlie, how many firearms do you think would be registered under an Act like this? Pre-68 we're talking WWII and Korea vets, primarily. And while I am sure there are some family members out there that know what they have, I would think a lot don't have a clue. I suppose that would be part of the appeal...that it wouldn't suddenly flood the system with a ton of new weapons to be registered. And the historian in me thinks that if you can save even a few it's completely worth it. -David
  15. crooks! ripped off by armed response llc in missouri

    I showed this thread to my wife (an attorney) and she thought it met the definition of larceny. She also Googled him and found all his charity fraud. Apparently he had to return $9 million he stole in the name of this charity, but most it will never be repaid because he "can't pay." I say go get him, man. I know that's easy for me to say not having to deal with the police and all, but he sounds like a total shitbag. He's out there making us all look bad. Just look at his webpage: He loves firearms and photography. -David