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  1. AR Semi-auto BCG Weld-up?

    Mike & Ryo, I get your points, but Ares charges $700+ just for the Carrier, less bolt, and feed actuator roller. Also, AFAIK, they have discontinued producing the FA carrier for the non-belt fed MCR which I like as a suppressor host due to the adjustable barrel Gas system. Crazy that I can get a NOS bolt for my pig for less than a Shrike bolt. I guess that I was under the mistaken impression that this was fairly common in the past and not excessively difficult or expensive. Guess I bite the bullet and BOAT (break out another thousand) for the Ares part..... Thanks for your input....tremendously appreciated. Do you know anyone willing to do the work that I could get a job cost from. I have four SA bolts that need to be modified. P.S. Love my Hillary pmags you sold me at the Creek last year.... Take care, Ted
  2. AR Semi-auto BCG Weld-up?

    Greetings, could you guys please point me to someone who can weld-up semi-auto AR-15 syle BCG to FA. With standard M16 carriers this would no be an issue, as FA BCG’s are plentiful, however...I want to weld up several Ares (FightLite) Shrike/MCR BCG’s to work with a RDIAS. Gotta be cheaper than buying a FA BCG from Ares. Any recommendation appreciated. Also, is anyone out there currently milling lowers to low-shelf RDIAS configuration like I used to get from M60 Joe. Thanks, Ted
  3. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    Recently received Eight F4's (MG's, cans and SBR's) to a Trust ..... on same day, mailed to my SOT. Each F4 was in a separate envelope. They ranged from 13 month to 5 months since sent in. Sounds like they "batched" my applications. Our local Sheriff's Fingerprint office still closed, so been a real PITA awaiting that reopening. FWIW, Ted
  4. WTB: M11/9

    Thanks guys for PM's and texts. Found what I was looking for. Thanks Jon at Sienna Armory.
  5. WTB: M11/9

    WTB: SWD M11/9. Complete lower or stripped lower receiver, parked - will suffice. Would also purchase a full gun with OEM upper, but currently have multiple uppers. Done need "kits", with 3 uppers, 10 plastic mags, cans, custom cases, custom finishes or unrealistic prices...... Sten mag or uzi mag conversions OK as well. Plus$$ for well-done sten mag conversion. PM me here or Call/text at: 727-510-2414 Email: Thank You. Ted MGTedFL
  6. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Keep buying ammo.....

    PM Sent for MP40 as well, If 1st responder passes, please LMK....
  8. WTS : Machine gun armory MK 46 $5000 (SPF)

    Greetings, I'm interested but I have a few questions. Any chance we could have a short chat at you convenience? I can be reached at (727) 510-2414 cell/text. or Thanks, Ted
  9. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

    Could you please add some pics of the internals. Thank You.
  10. Next mg

    Ditto that. HK Sear or trigger box is the penultimate multi-use MG tool. Right there with the M16 RDIAS I feel privileged as well to own these items, but honestly - I've stopped trying to explain this to others unless they specifically ask. But with that ownership comes a tremendous responsibility for safety, and security of your arms. One bad egg could send us all down the crapper.......
  11. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    So cool. First one I've seen in a while. Very nice.
  12. Thompson Machine Gun Magazines

    Original 20 and 30 round blued Seymour and AOC marked magazines can still be had for "reasonable" prices. Reasonable, that is given you have a gun worth 20-30K, which must be fed to enjoy. Personally I prefer the 30's on my M1's. Looks a bit funky with the parked Savage, but matches better with the blued WH M1. Well-used, but not abused mags may, over time develop some deformation (spreading) of the feed lips as Thompson mags are made of relatively thin steel. My local SOT made a small anvil, which he places inside the stripped mags, and gently reforms the feed lips. Works like a charm and makes any feed issues go bye-bye. As Mike mentioned above, the current line of semi-auto Thompson's have a slightly different mag-catch location, which requires purchase of the specific semi-auto mag or an elongation of the mag-catch hole to an oval shape. This mod may result in the mag sitting too low in your 1928 or M1, causing a failure to properly strip a round as the bolt comes forward. Also, the West Hurley M1's did not properly mill the full depth of the feed-lip relief on the underside of the receiver, and some had non mil-spec mag catches. Some M1s' and M1A1's have had this corrected (PK does this), but most require some slight adjustment of the mags to lock properly. This is another reason you may see some elongation of the mag-catch hole on some mags. All the original Colt, AO and Savage guns should work properly with original mil-spec 20 and 30 round mags.