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  1. M10/45 RPD w/LAGE MK1

    Every one answered. Still available Thanks
  2. M10/45 RPD w/LAGE MK1

    Yes Takes regular grease gun mags. Thanks for looking
  3. M10/45 RPD w/LAGE MK1

    RPD M10/45, Excellent condition, Form 3, Ready for transfer. Comes with original box and upper, 2 Mags. Lage MK1 Upper, Lage Mag realese grip, Lage folding stock. Can be shot at Double Tap Firearms, Milton PA. $8200 Plus shipping.More pictures available.
  4. WTB M11/9

    Have a S.W.D. in very good condition. With original parts and labor jumper. Email for pictures if interested at
  5. WTB. Mac10/9 or 45 Bare frame 10/45 And 10/9 with suppressor and Lage upper
  6. WTB/WTT: M11/9 or M11A1

    Email us at for pics Has original parts also and Lage upper and side folding stock. 8200.00
  7. Transferable UZI Bolt, IMI Host,Suppressor,Extras-$11,995

    Send private message
  8. Gun ban bills

    Please watch Guns & Gadgets and subscribe. I'm a dealer and gun enthusiast in north east, but this effects everyone of us. Jared is an officer in Massachusetts and reads all these new laws to update us. Please remember to vote to stop tyranny. Latest YouTube post effects Arizona Hope I'm putting this in the right place. Please pass along
  9. WTB: Powder Springs Mac10 45acp

    Private message sent. M10 45 frame available at If that is something you might be interested in.
  10. WTB: Grease gun magazine drum

    Thank you. Yes I talked to him a couple weeks ago. He said he got rid of all his stuff and wasn't doing it anymore. I'm going to try to Cobble something together
  11. AC556 STOCK

    Google David spiwak and look under AC556 accessories. Looks like there's four or five stocks for sale. You are welcome. Hope you find something you like
  12. AC556 STOCK
  13. AC556 STOCK

    David Spiwak had a whole bunch. Tell him Double Tap Firearms in Pa sent you if you find one you like
  14. WTB: Grease gun magazine drum

    Looking for a drum that can run in a grease gun or like mag well. Have seen pics of Suomi coverted drums. Thanks Email