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  1. WTB: MP44 barrel, any condition

    I have a Erma marked barrel that the chamber has been ground out badly. If interested you can email me at essbros @ there are no spaces in my email i wrote it with spaces to cut down on spam thanks Troy
  2. WTB AR-180 Howa & Sterling

    I have two Sterling in Excellent condition that I would let go for $1,300 each shipped thanks Troy troy@spam leave the spam out!
  3. WTB: Sig internals/fcg for 5.56 rifle.

    I have a few $225 shipped. If interested Email me at thanks Troy

    There is one on Gun Broker for $485. If you want to spend $200 you will never find any. Even at $485 they never come up for sale. Troy
  5. WTB Suomi M31 demilled receivers and small parts

    I have 2 compleat parts kits that i have owned for 20 years that I am looking to sell. If you are interested please email me at troy@ there is no space in my email thanks Troy
  6. WTB MP44 barrel

    Troy@ no space or piriod between the @ and e
  7. WTB MP44 barrel

    Kurtmah email me at troy@. Essbrothers.con no space in the email I have many original barrels. If you let me know the manufactures code on the receiver under the barrel i will see what i have. I have tewated over 50 of these and i only do it the right way. Todd is correct , the original barrels are not cheap. Thanks Troy Ess
  8. type 99 conversion kit

    I have one that is 7.62x39 and takes ak47 mags comes wilth barrel, mag well adaptor and maybe 6 mags. Not sure of value. I bought it 10 years ago. Had to send my original barrel in to make sure that the 7.62x39 barrel fited correctly. If i remember correctly it cost $1,500 thanks Troy email troy@. no space and no period after the @
  9. WTB K31 Swiss

    Steve i gave my old email sorry troy@ this is my email please email and i will get you pic s
  10. WTB K31 Swiss

    Steve I have an originsl K31 sniper rig. send me your email and i will send you pics and price if you are interested. email at troy@ no space in email thanks troy
  11. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    Dear Sir I also have a complete Cocking handle assembly for the Chautaut Just saw your Email. I will send you pics Thanks Troy
  12. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    This web site is junk. Nothing to do with Gun parts. I blocked it for our whole company. And will be passing it along to others. This must of been spam. Troy
  13. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    Send me your email and I can send you pictures. thanks Troy
  14. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    Dear Sir I have 2 original mags , some ammo, AA Sight and a few spare parts I would be willing to sell. Such as: 1)Action spring 6)Cartridge Guide 2)AA Sight 7)Sear 3)Extractor 8)Sear Lever w/ hand sear (pined together) 4)Sling swivel 9) Complete Bolt Hear 5)Rear takedown Lever with washer If you are interested you can email me at troy@ ****there is no space**** Thanks Troy
  15. WTB: SIG AMT 5- or 10-Round Magazines

    Tony In the near future I might be selling one each of my 20rnd ,10rnd and 5 rnd Swiss made AMT mags. I have the Chile made mags that I will be keeping for my guns no need for all the Swiss made ones I shoot these guns they are not safe queens. All 3 mags have the circle on them with the addition of “Made in Swizerland” on the 5 rnd You can Email me at troy@ no space and I will send you pics and price thanks Troy Ess